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10. 04. 2014

LACIS Faculty and Alumni Honored by LASA

A recent Latin American Studies Association email announcing book awards caught our eyes at LACIS recently, and for a few reasons. Three award recipients/honorable mentions currently teach at or received their graduate degree(s)...

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04. 02. 2014

UW-Madison Senior Katie Morris Wins Brazilian Initiation Scholarship

Until recently, as far as we know no student from UW-Madison had ever won a Brazilian Initiation Scholarship (BIS)  sponsored and administered by the Brazilian Studies Association (BRASA). This is somewhat surprising when you...

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19. 12. 2013

2014 LACIS Internship Grant Recipients

It’s that time of year again when we wish to extend our congratulations to the winners  of LACIS’ Internship Grants! Undergraduate students can receive one-time funds for internships in Latin America, the Caribbean,...

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13. 12. 2013
David Kiefer amidst medicinal plant garden

Two LACIS Faculty Awarded WARF Research Grants

One of the intended uses of this blog is to highlight our dedicated and innovative core and affiliated faculty members, to recognize their research and applaud their achievements. As the Fall 2013 semester...

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30. 09. 2013
Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 12.36.36 PM

Andean Art Theft: Recovering Peru’s Spanish Colonial Heritage

“The initial attraction of art theft as a field may be that of a good detective story, complete with beautiful and exotic settings, stolen and forged works, and tales of skullduggery and recaptured...

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17. 09. 2013
LACIS Director Professor Francisco Scarano

Fall 2013 Welcome Letter from LACIS’ Director Francisco Scarano

August 22, 2013 Dear members of the LACIS community, Another academic year is about to start and at LACIS we are quite excited. Over the summer months we have taken stock of the...

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08. 08. 2013

Nave Summer Research Grant Recipient Isaac García-Guerrero from the Steps of the Biblioteca Nacional de España

Last spring (2013), Isaac García-Guerrero—a PhD student studying Modern Peninsular Literature in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese—was among the group of graduate students awarded a Nave Short Term Field Research Grant to...

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05. 08. 2013
Group in Pijal

UW Field School for the Study of Language, Culture and Community Health in Ecuador

Since the school’s inception eight years ago, the Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies program has co-sponsored the UW Summer Field School for the Study of Language, Culture and Community Health in Ecuador....

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15. 07. 2013
IP 2

LACIS Holofote: “A Portugal” with Israel Pechstein

In this installment of LACIS Holofote, we depart, blogospherically speaking, for “o jardim à beira-mar plantado” with Israel Pechstein! For those for whom the allusion to Tomás Ribeiro’s (1831-1901) poem “A Portugal” is...

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11. 06. 2013
528816_10151666009044046_2021419272_n (1)

2013 LACIS Internship Grant Recipients

LACIS would like to dedicate this blog post to recognizing the recipients of the LACIS Internship Grants for the summer of 2013. Undergraduate students can receive one-time funds for internships in Latin America,...

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