Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

Affiliated Faculty




African Languages and Literature


  • Samuel England: Medievel Spanish translation of Middle Eastern texts; Iberian lyric



Animal Science





  • Isabelle C. Druc: Cultural Anthropology; Ethnography; Archaeology; Ceramic Production; and Ethnoarchaeology 
  • Karen Strier: Biological Anthropology; Primate Social Behavior; Primate Ecology; and Conservation





 Art Education



Art History





  • Eve Emshwiller: Ethnobotany; Domestication and Evolution of Crop Plants; and Conservation of Genetic Diversity of Crops


  • Ken Sytsma: Molecular Systematics of Plants; Evolution and Biogeography of Tropical Families; Plant Population Variation and Gene Flow; and Pollination Biology


  • Donald Waller: Conservation Biology; Genetics and Evolution; and Ecology



Business School



Center for Global Health



Communication Arts


Community and Environmental Sociology





  • Jess Gilbert: Historical and Comparative Approach to the Study of Family Farming and Rural Land Ownership


  • Randy Stoecker: Community Organizing and Development; Community-Based Research; and Community Informatics


Comparative Literature

  • Beatriz L. Botero
    specialist in contemporary Latin American literature and cultural studies


Counseling Psychology


  • Stephen Quintana: Child Development (esp. Latino Children); Cultural Competence in Practice of Psychology; Identity Development


Curriculum and Instruction


  • Thomas Popkewitz: Curriculum History and Studies; Cultural Sociology of School Reform/Change; Professionalization/Teacher Education; and Historical Sociology of Education Sciences


  • François Victor Tochon: Bilingual Education; International Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Teacher Education; and World Language Education


Dairy Science


  • Victor Cabrera: Dairy Farm Cost-Efficiency and Profitability; Dairy Farm Production Systems; and Environmental Stewardship


  • Michel Wattiaux: Ruminant Nutrition; Nutrient Management Systems; World Dairy Operations





Educational Policy Studies


  • Michael Apple: Education and Power; Cultural Politics; Curriculum Theory and Research; Critical Teaching; and Democratic Schools





  • Roberta Hill: Twentieth Century Literature and History; Race, Gender, Class, and Ethnicity; Life Writing; Minority Discourse; and American Indian Literature



  • Rob Nixon: Environmentalism; Creative Nonfiction; and Postcolonial Literature


  • Christa Olson: Composition & Rhetoric; Visual Culture and Rhetorical History of Latin America; Ethnography; Constitutive Rhetoric; Rhetorical Criticism and Theory


  • Cherene Sherrard-Johnson: African American Literature; 19th Century American Literature; Feminist Theory; Cultural Studies; and Caribbean Literature


  • Catherine Vieira: Social history of literacy, transnational migration, materiality of literacy, qualitative research methodologies, multilingual writing, Latino/a Studies




Environmental Studies


  • Tess Arenas: Environmental Justice challenges at the U.S.-Mexican Border and Educational Excellence through Race/Ethnic Diversity/Chicano Studies


  • Adrian Treves: Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development; Culture, History and Environment; Environment and Resources; Business and Environment



Family Medicine



Forest and Wildlife Ecology



Gender and Women's Studies





  • Erika Marin-Spiotta: Land Use in Latin America; Nutrient Cycling; Tropical Forest Ecology; Hydrology; Restoration of Ecosystems, and Biogeochemistry


  • Sarah Moore: Urban Development in Latin America,Southern Mexico


  • Holly Gibbs: Tropical land-use change and globalization, particularly on the potential to reconcile food





  • Thomas Archdeacon: History of U.S. Immigration and Immigration Policy; and History of Ethnicity in the U.S.


  • Nan Enstad: History of Women in the 20th Century; and Popular Culture


  • Susan Johnson: North American West; Latino History; Race/Ethnicy; and Gender and Sexuality






  • David Spooner: Wild and Cultivated Potatoes in the United States, Mexico, and South and Central America


Human Development and Family Studies


  • Lynet Uttal: Latino Immigrant Families in the Midwest; Critical Family Studies; Women of Color in the United States; and Biculturalism


International Studies/Journalism


  • Jo Ellen Fair: Int'l media ethnogrphy, survey of global comm, & media, performance, & identity in world


Institute for Biology Education



Landscape Architecture


  • Sam Dennis Jr.: Environmental Design for the Health and Well-Being of Children, Youth, and Families





Mechanical Engineering


  • Tim Osswald: Polymer processing research and teaching -- particularly in Colombia. Advisor for the UW-Madison Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Engineers.


Medical School


  • David Gaus: Healthcare in Rural Latin America; Family Medicine, and Tropical Medicine





  • Stephanie Jutt: Professor of Flute, School of Music; Interest in all forms of Latin American and Spanish music





  • Linda Baumann: International Healthcare Education with a Focus on Spanish Speaking Countries


Plant Pathalogy



Political Science


  • Helen Kinsella: Laws of War; International Security; and International Human Rights



  • Jon Pevehouse: International Relations Theory; International Security; Foreign Policy; International Political Economy; and Political Methodology


  • Jonathan Renshon: Psychology of judgment and decision-making in foreign policy; international security and experimental methods.


  • Aili,Tripp: Comparative Politics; African Politics; Women and Politics; Women's Movements; and Transnational Feminism



Population Health Sciences


  • Jonathan Patz: Health Risks and Long-Term Impact of Global Climate and Ecological Change



  • Ana Martinez-Donate: HIV Prevention and Tobacco Control, with an Emphasis on Latino Populations and Health Disparities


Public Affairs


  • Melanie ManionComp Politics, Chinese Politics, Representation, Corruption, Good Governance




  • Jenna Nobles: Migration; Demography; Sociology of Economic Change and Development; Sociology of Family and Medicine; and Sociology of Gender


  • Alberto Palloni: Aging; Class Analysis and Historical Change; Demography; Political Sociology; Sociology of Development; and Sociology of the Family


  • Gay Seidman: Sociology of Economic Change and Development; Labor; Gender; Social Movements; Political Sociology; and Demography



Soil Science





Theather and Drama



Urban and Regional Planning


  • Alfonso Morales: Community Economic Development; History of Markets and Vendors; Food Systems; and the Importance of Vending for Women and Ethnic Groups



Veterinary Medicine


  • Jorge Osorio: Pathobiological sciences; viruses and zoonotic pathogens.




  • Warren Porter: Climate and Disease/Low Level Toxicants in Reptiles and Mammals