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So, you're getting a degree! Presumably you now have an above average familiarity with Latin America, the Caribbean, or the Iberian Peninsula, you can speak Spanish or Portuguese with some proficiency, and you hope to utilize the degree in a professional setting. The following is a broad list of options for employment, geared towards (but not exclusively for) those with a new B.A., and some helpful resources to pursue one or all of them.There are ample choices for even the most discriminating of newly endowed specialists, but finding that ideal situation will require a modicum of effort on your part: research and writing do not end with the oral exam!


What follows should be helpful to most graduates and pre-graduates of the program, though it is by no means exhaustive, and does not eliminate the need for some active research on your part. There is a tremendous wealth of information right here on campus, and somewhere within could be the ticket to your golden opportunity! The above-mentioned links are certainly not the only options available. You could become an independent consultant to a number of corporations, work for a Washington "think tank," get involved in journalism, do translation for a publishing house, teach secondary school or community college courses, sell real estate with your Dad, or wait tables for your favorite restaurant. The options available to someone with a well-rounded interdisciplinary degree and a proficiency in foreign language are as diverse as the people who seek them out, and your own creativity and long-term goals are the most critical factors in finding the right position for you. Remember as you embark on the search that patience is critical. Finding the right position may well require taking a job you don't want at a place where you do want to be working. Be flexible, be patient, take the time to write reams of letters, and be confident that your are the right candidate for whatever you want! Make sure to join the LACIS Alumni LinkedIn Group to keep up to date on what fellow LACIS alumni are doing and to assist you in finding the right path for you!


Use the resources available at UW - you can find everything you seek, or at least find out how to find it, right here on campus. Polish your resume, and make the effort to tailor it to each job you apply for. And remember every stodgy old uncle, every annoying friend of your father's, every old professor, every contact you've ever made, and don't be shy about reestablishing old connections - in many cases a passing comment can lead to the perfect situation! You will probably find the information contained in this document (PDF) very helpful as you begin your job search; it lists tips provided by hiring managers from various industries regarding how to best market oneself, etc.





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