Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

Definition of Satisfactory Progress



Under normal circumstances the M.A. degree is completed in 3 semesters. After four semesters the student must petition for an extension. Students must also petition for part-time (less than 6 credits per semester) status. Petitions should be directed to the Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Admissions and Fellowships Committee.

A minimum 3.0 grade point average must be maintained each semester or the student will be placed on academic probation. In exceptional cases, the Director and Associate Director may agree to extend the probation period by one semester. In order to return to good standing, the student must obtain grades the following semester sufficient to average out to a 3.0 during the two semesters combined. Failure to do so will result in the student's being dropped from the Program. Any student who has not removed an Incomplete one semester after it is incurred will also be put on probation. After two semesters from the time of incurring the Incomplete the student will be dropped from the Program. If the student believes that extenuating circumstances should be considered, s/he may appeal to the Executive Committee.