Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

External Nave Visiting Scholar and Artist



Are you a community organization or individual from the community that is seeking funding? We offer small grants through our Nave Visiting Scholars and Artists Program that are designed to bring distinguished scholars, artists, public figures, or activists specializing in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain or Portugal to the UW-Madison campus for short visits. Each visitor is expected to deliver one formal public lecture or performance. Applications may be initiated community organizations/groups or individuals. The funds can be allocated towards an honorarium, travel, lodging, and food, and awards are typically $300 or less. Because of heavy demand for Nave Visiting Scholar and Artist funds, applications with other sources of funding will receive preference. In order to be considered for funding, please complete this Nave Visiting Scholar and Artist Application for External Applicants. Ideally, the application should be submited at least thirty days before the event.


After your event has taken place, please complete THIS online follow-up evaluation. We submit your comments and results to the Nave Foundation. 


Responsibilities of Initiating Organization or Group


In considering whether to invite a speaker to Madison on the Nave Visiting Scholars and Artists Program, please remember that it is necessary to facilitate the visitor's stay as much as possible. The initiating organization or group is responsible for all arrangements, including:

  • organizing the flight/travel schedule,
  • airport pick-up and departure,
  • lodging and meals,
  • a public talk,
  • scheduling meetings with faculty/graduate students,
  • distributing posters,
  • and providing translators if necessary (the Visiting Scholar and Artist fund does not cover the costs of translation).


The Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program will include public events by Nave Visiting Scholar/Artists in its weekly announcements -- beyond that, publicity must be handled by the initiating organization. Publicity must acknowledge support from the Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program and the Nave Fund.



Disbursement of Funds

Travel expenses will be reimbursed with a receipt. Lodging can be billed directly to LACIS at the current state rate. Please contact the LACIS Financial Specialist once reservations have been made to arrange billing. An established per diem for meals can be paid directly to the visitor without receipts. For US citizens the honorarium will be processed so long as required information e.g. social security number and permanent address are provided to LACIS' financial specialist. Please be aware that once LACIS receives all of the required documentation it takes approximately three to four weeks for the University Business Office to issue a check. We encourage you to contact the LACIS Financial Specialist well in advance if you would like the visitor to receive his/her check while in Madison. Otherwise, the check will be sent to his/her home address after the visit. Speakers that receive an honorarium and are not U.S. citizens or legal U.S. residents are required to submit copies of their passport, Visa, I-94 and I-20 (for J-1 Visa holders). If the speaker comes from a country that does not have a tax treaty with the U.S., the University will withhold 30% of the honorarium for federal taxes. If the visitor comes from a country that has a tax treaty, no taxes will be withheld. Should you have any questions, please contact Alberto Vargas ( For questions relating to the disbursement of funds, please contact the LACIS' financial specialist.