Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

Further Research or Study


Some students completing the LACIS B.A. or M.A. may wish to pursue a higher degree in their field of particular interest. Master's and Doctoral programs abound in the United States and you must do significant research to find the program most suited to your needs. Read about the professors in your discipline, visit the library and read course catalogs, contact students of the program of interest, and consult with faculty before choosing a program. Be sure to consider the time factor, how your present credits will transfer, the financial implications of several more years of starving student-hood, and what you will gain from further study that you cannot get with the education you've received, thus far.


If you hope to do independent research in your country of interest, there are abundant sources of funding to finance your project. The Grants Information Center in the Memorial Library Reference Room explains how to get them and when to apply. As of July 2011, Nikki Busch is the Grants Librarian, and she can help you to locate potential funding sources. Do not be intimidated by the grant proposal process: there is a lot of money out there and securing a grant is not as difficult as you might think.


Sources and Resources


A resource guide prepared by the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Latin American Studies. This guide contains a wealth of information related to jobs in both the private and public sector, contact information for businesses with offices in Latin America, embassies, UN agencies, etc., as well as information about graduate programs in the field across the U.S.