Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

Getting Started


1. Determine what you are looking for: Ask yourself real questions about what you hope to be doing in five years. Do you want to work in the public or private sector? For profit or not-for-profit? Paid or volunteer? In the U.S. or abroad? How much money to you hope to be making?

2. Visit the L&S Career Center which is located at 1305 Linden Dr. in the Middleton Bldg. They provide career information, career decision counseling, resume workshops and reviews, interviewing tips, contacts with prospective employers, and a library of opportunities. They may be reached by phone at 262-3921.

3. Visit the L&S Career Center's blog HERE.

4. Visit the Badger Career Network's Website. They maintain a network of Wisconsin alumni who can share their job hunting experiences, provide you with contacts from their own profession, and help create a database of crucial connections.

5. Sign up for a Linked In account and connect with your academic advisor; alumni; professors; family friends -- basically anyone you know since he or she may know someone else that will lead you to your chosen job!

6. Get involved! Consider becoming active as a volunteer or intern at an organization in your field of interest. This can not only build your resume, but help you establish crucial contacts, help you determine your long term interest in the field, and provide invaluable practical experience away from the textbook. Read newsletters or journals pertinent to your field to stay informed of current career opportunities. The field is growing every day!

7. Consult with a reference librarian. While the librarian will not do the job hunt for you, she/he can help you to navigate the maze of resources available on campus to find potential employment. The staff of the Memorial Library Reference Room are extremely helpful, and the Reference Room alone has volumes of pertinent information. It is definitely worth the time and the eye strain to pore over these books, as there's much more out there than most of us would have ever imagined! Job hunting is a full-time job; one with a satisfying career as its ultimate reward. Taking the time to do the research necessary is the most valuable advice!

Sources and Resources


Take a look at this: Resource Guide prepared by the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Latin American Studies. It contains a wealth of information related to jobs in both the private and public sector, contact information for businesses with offices in Latin America, embassies, UN agencies, etc., as well as information about graduate programs in the field across the U.S.