Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

Non-Profit Opportunities


The non-profit sector can be a very stimulating and rewarding field in which to exercise your knowledge. Many non-profits work with an international clientele as well as within foreign countries, and there is almost certainly a non-profit doing social change work which you would find rewarding. Many non-profits also do direct political action campaigns, offering you the chance to make contacts within other employment sectors. Most of these organizations have slim staffing which can make securing an immediate full-time position difficult, and make the job you may obtain heavily burdened with responsibility. This, however, can be a great asset, for you will be performing many varied tasks, and will learn the ropes very fast. You can expect to become proficient in such invaluable skills as grant writing before you complete your tenure at a non-profit! You also have the added benefit of working towards real social change, often yielding concrete, tangible results.


If working for a non-profit over the long-term does not suit you, non-profit organizations can be an excellent stepping stone for career advancement, due to the important responsibilities you may have, and the excellent networking opportunities. While most non-profits cannot offer large salaries, most are deeply committed to providing rich benefits, and the office climate, while sometimes stressful, can be extremely supportive and giving in non-monetary assets. You can begin researching the vast array of non-profit opportunities at the libraries, as well as reading through a number of newsletters published by various organizations. Once your are able to identify one or two groups working within your area of interest, they can direct you to a number of others.


Local Organizations Seeking Volunteers and/or Interns
International Organizations Seeking Volunteers and/or Interns