Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

Private Corporations and Businesses


At last, the section you've all been waiting for! Of all the possibilities for future employment, in most instances working for a private corporation will provide the greatest monetary reimbursement. Jobs in this sector are also extremely varied, ranging from a market analyst for Brazil to a corporate trainer for relocating operations and employees. The options are as varied as the business community, especially with the implementation of trade agreements such as NAFTA. Many large corporations actively seek candidates who speak a foreign language, and with today's economic climate, working knowledge of the economies and political systems of Latin America are an extremely valuable asset.


Working for a multi-national corporation can provide dynamic learning situations, provide continuous training about the country of interest, and offer chances to work abroad. Many large companies can be very impersonal, however, as well as bureaucratic. You may inadvertently find yourself working to promote destruction of a habitat in a country you love, or confront international policies of which you disapprove. Of course, thoroughly researching the job and the corporation will help prevent a disturbing revelation in your second month on the job. And while many large international firms may reveal a disturbing side upon closer scrutiny, there are many smaller private companies which can provide very satisfying work environments.


The best place to begin this search is probably at the L&S Career Services Center, by identifying the kind of firm you would hope to work for and obtaining one-on-one career counseling. Despite being such a dynamic sector of our economy, the private sector has a veritable dearth of comprehensive guides to help you narrow the field. Perhaps in this category more than any other, networking and staying informed are the best ways to locate the corporate job of your dreams!