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B.A. Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies


 LACIS Spring 2015 Graduation Ceremony featuring LACIS Undergraduate Advisor, Sarah Ripp, and Outstanding Graduating Senior Recipient, Jessica Schwartz

The Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies (LACIS) teaching staff consists of all faculty who teach Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian language and area content courses. The Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Program is one of the major U.S. Centers for research about Latin America and the Caribbean. Our program is for those who seek a multi-disciplinary education on Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal. We offer a wide range of courses in fields such as anthropology, business, economics, geography, history, journalism, political science, sociology, Spanish and Portuguese, and other departments. The aims of the Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian studies major are to provide:


  1. A broad exposure to Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian studies by requiring students to take area and language specific content courses.
  2. Flexibility, which allows students to take courses of interest, study abroad, and develop innovative academic projects.
  3. Access and opportunity to earn Honors in the LACIS major.
  4. Basic working knowledge in Spanish and/or Portuguese and the opportunity to study Quichua and Maya Yucatec.
  5. Career-related advice and opportunities including volunteer work and internships with international organizations working in the Latin American and Caribbean area.


A minimum of 40 credits is required for the LACIS major. Upon declaration of the LACIS major, an assessment file is opened for each student which will include: writing samples, results of an oral proficiency interview (not required for Spanish or Portuguese majors), and an exit survey. Please visit our Major Requirements page for a more detailed description.


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Students should contact Sarah Ripp, LACIS’ undergraduate advisor, at, to determine which courses may satisfy major requirements.


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