Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

Tinker Visiting Professorship


The Tinker-Nave Committee, chaired by Dean Guido Podestá, meets in the Fall semester to consider Tinker Visiting Professor nominations. Tinker professors are highly distinguished scholars who are citizens of Latin America, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, Spain, Portugal, or Canada. Should a candidate be a Canadian, he or she must specialize in Latin America or the Caribbean. Distinguished public officials, artists, and musicians are also eligible.

The Tinker-Nave Committee, which meets in November, considers the applications, which are then presented to the Tinker Foundation for approval. Tinker professors are required to teach or co-teach one course during the semester of residence and to present a public lecture. The program is an excellent means to relieve curriculum gaps, complement departmental strengths, and establish informal collaborations among faculty and students. The stipend level is $40,000 per semester plus fringe benefits.

For a department, school, or academic unit to nominate a Tinker professorship candidate it must submit the following:

▪ A nomination letter explaining the candidate’s qualifications, the proposed course to be taught or co-taught, and the benefit of the visit to the University and to LACIS faculty and students;

▪ Evidence of departmental approval;

▪ A detailed curriculum vitae for the candidate;

▪ A statement from the proposed professor describing her/his research interests and teaching style; and,

▪ Letters of support from both inside and outside the host department.

To facilitate the planning of the Tinker Professorship, it is highly recommended that departments plan ahead with sufficient time. Sponsoring faculty should contact LACIS Director, Hernando Rojas, or Associate Director, Alberto Vargas, advising them of their intentions to submit a nomination.

Those wishing to host a visitor for a period shorter than a semester should discuss the idea with LACIS staff, for it may be possible to do so within applicable University regulations.

LACIS encourages submissions in October for the following academic year (i.e., 12 months or 18 months in advance).

Send nomination materials electronically in a single PDF or Word file plus one hard copy to the LACIS office no later than the last Friday in October for consideration by the Tinker-Nave Committee. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to call the office at 608-262-2811.

* Please note that it is the responsibility of the nominating department to payroll the approved Tinker Professor, start procedures for visa processing, provide office space, and assist in finding housing for the professor. LACIS will pay for the airfare and provide the Tinker Professor with $1,200 in flexible funds which will be distributed by the home department.

Please visit the Tinker Visiting Professors Archive  to see previous recipients of the Professorship.