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Courses from across the University count towards the LACIS major. It is important to keep in mind that some courses in other schools and colleges (outside Letters and Science) may not count for degree credit. Be sure to check with your advisor that courses taken outside Letters and Science will count.

There are multiple course lists on this page: (1) Courses exclusive to LACIS; (2) Current semester course lists, which indicate the current or upcoming course offerings.

A course will count towards the LACIS major if it has at least 25% content related to the LACIS area. If you are interested in a course that does not appear on the list, but which has significant LACIS content, you may petition for its inclusion by filling out the Course Content Petition form and the Course Content Verification form. Because the content of a course is dependent on who teaches it in a given semester, it is important to always check with your advisor to be sure that the courses you plan to take are still eligible for LACIS credit. Because of course content changes frequently, LACIS reserves the right to deny credit for any course at any time if the content of that course does not meet the 25% standard (even if the course appears or has appeared on one of the course lists in the past).  It may be helpful to review the LACIS “Master Course List” which is a compilation of all courses that count for the major.  Please bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive and often changes based on the content area expertise of a professor teaching the course.

Are you a faculty member looking to submit your course to the LACIS approved course list? If so, please complete the submission form Here. Please note: In order for a course to meet our criteria, 25% of its content must focus on Latin America, the Caribbean and/or Iberian Peninsula. This 25% minimum is aggregate over the entire semester and can be a combination of different countries/regions/topics, etc.

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