LACIS Lunchtime Lecture Series: Spring 2021

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00 p.m. – VIRTUAL

If you are interested in attending these weekly lectures, please click on the event below and pre-register on the event listing page. Thank you.

*These lectures are part of a special seminar series prepared in collaboration between the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies and LACIS.

February 2nd: “Of Neutrality: Science, innovation and the politics of the future” | Presented by Vicenzo Pavone* | Video Recording

February 9th: “Nitrogen fixation in maize landraces from Oaxaca, Mexico: from Indigenous knowledge to the Wisconsin Idea”| Presented by Jean-Michel Ane | Video Recording

February 16th: “The O’odham Nation, a people between borders. The new immigration policies and indigenous territory” | Presented by Lucila Polo | Video Recording

February 23rd: “Perspectives of development in the Yucatan Peninsula” | Presented by Robin Canul* | Video Recording

March 2nd: “Identidad Imaginada: Novelistica Colombiana del siglo XXI” | Presented by Beatriz Botero | Video Recording

March 9th: “The Colombia-Wisconsin One Health Effort: Innovation and the Study of Emerging Diseases” | Presented by Juan Pablo Hernandez, Leonor Hidalgo, and Jorge Osorio | Video Recording

March 16th: “Not Even a Grain of Rice: Buying Food on Credit in the Dominican Republic” | Presented by Christine Hippert | Video Recording

March 23rd: “Agribiopolitics: Plants and humans in the age of monocrops in Paraguay” | Presented by Kregg Hetherington* | Video Recording

March 30th: “There and back again: US-Cuba Policy and the power transition in Washington” | Presented by Ernesto Dominguez | Video Recording

April 6th: “On the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Cuban Economy, and Remittance Flows to the Island” | Presented by Denisse Delgado Vazquez | Video Recording

April 13th: “Violence and anonymity in the Mexican blogosphere” | Presented by Hector Amaya | Video Recording

April 20th: “Facing the Environmental Mission: Small Farmers in Nicaragua and the Agro-Ecological Challenges of the Neoliberal Food Regime” | Presented by Birgit Muller* | Video Recording

April 27th: “Short-term prospects for the Mexican economy / Perspectivas en el corto plazo de la economía Mexicana”| Presented by Carlos M. Urzua | Video Recording