Gay Seidman

Position title: LACIS Faculty Director


Ask me about Graduate Advising (Ph.D. Minor and Dual-Law Degree), Tinker Visiting Professor Sponsorship, and becoming a LACIS Faculty Affiliate.

Gay Seidman is a Martindale Bascom Professor of Sociology at UW-Madison, where she has been on the faculty since 1990. Her research has mainly involved historical-comparative and ethnographic studies of labor and labor movements, but she has also explored the impact ‘pro-poor’ policies and social movements in various countries, including Brazil, Guatemala, South Africa and India. Her books include Manufacturing Militance: Workers movements in Brazil and South Africa (1994) and Beyond the Boycott: Labor Rights, Human Rights and Transnational Activism (2007), as well as several edited volumes. Her current research project focuses on how the dynamics of class and race have shifted since the advent of democracy  in Brazil and South Africa.