Tinker Visiting Professors

Thanks to the generosity of the Tinker Foundation, every year LACIS is able to bring scholars and professors specializing in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain or Portugal to the UW-Madison campus. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TINKER FOUNDATION

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Fall 2024

  • Visiting Professor of Anthropology, Fabio Feldmann, Brazilian environmental activist, lawyer, and politician.

Spring 2024

  • Visiting Professor of Education, Luis Gandin, Professor, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Fall 2023

  • Visiting Professor of Journalism, Jesus Arroyave, Professor, Department of Communication and Journalism, Universidad del Norte, Colombia.
  • Visiting Professor of Law, Javier Couso Salas, Professor of Global Trends in Constitutionalism, and Associate Professor, Department of Public Law, University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Fall 2022

  • Visiting Professor of Sociology, Glauco Arbix, Professor of Sociology, head of the humanities area of the Center for Artificial Intelligence, and coordinator of the Observatory for Innovation at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Fall 2021

  • Visiting Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Diana Klinger, Associate Professor of Literary Theory at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil.
  • Visiting Professor of History, German Palacio, Colombia.
  • Visiting Professor of Public Policy, Carlos Urzua, Academic Director of the School of Social Sciences and Government, Tecnológico de Monterrey and member of the Mexican Academic of Sciences, Mexico.

Spring 2020

Fall 2018

  • Visiting Professor of Law School Pablo Rueda Saiz, Ph.D. Jurisprudence & Social Policy Department, University of California Berkeley. 

Spring 2018

  • Visiting Professor Department of Spanish and Portuguese Hélio Seixas Guimarães.  Professor of Brazilian literature at the University of São Paulo. He is a leading authority on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Brazilian literature and is among the foremost experts on the oeuvre of Brazil’s most prestigious literary figure, Machado de Assis.

Fall 2017

Fall 2016

  • Visiting Professor of Sociology: Bastiaan Reydon, Professor, Instituto de Economia of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas, UNICAMP, Campinas, SP, Brazil.

Fall 2015

  • Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies: Cristian Bonacic, Veterinarian and Associate Professor, School of Agriculture and the Environment, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Chile.
  • Visiting Professor of Agriculture and Applied Economics: Gustavo Gordillo, Professor of Rural Development, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Fall 2014

  • Visiting Professor of Community and Environmental Sociology: Gerardo Otero, Professor of Sociology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver B.C., Canada.

Fall 2013

  • Visiting Professor of Public Affairs: Francisco Pilotti, Organization of American States, Washington, D.C.
  • Visiting Professor of Sociology: Mauricio Garcia Villegas, Professor in the Institute of Political Science and International Relations, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia.

Spring 2012

  • Visiting Professor of Botany & Environmental Studies: Pablo Prado, Conservation Biologist & Professor at Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala City.

Spring 2011

  • Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies: German Palacio from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Sede Amazonia in Leticia, Colombia
  • Visiting Professor of Public Affairs: Jorge Papadopulos, Banco de Prevision Social del Uruguay, Uruguay.

Fall 2010

  • Visiting Professor of Business: Glauco Arbix, Director of the Observatory for Innovation in the Institute for Advanced Studies and Professor of Sociology at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies: German Palacio from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Sede Amazonia in Leticia, Colombia.

Fall 2009

  • Visiting Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies: Virginia Vargas Valente, Catolica Universidad, Lima, Peru.

Fall 2008

  • Visiting Professor of Theatre: Luis Peirano, Pontificia Universidad de Lima, Peru.
  • Visiting Professor of Law: Helena Alviar Garcia, Los Andes University, Bogota, Colombia.
  • Visiting Professor of History: David Sheinin, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Spring 2008

  • Visiting Professor of Sociology: Nicolas Lynch, University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru.

Fall 2007

  • Visiting Professor of Afro-American Studies: Father Glyn Jemmott, Social Worker/Priest, Mexico.

Spring 2007

  • Visting Professor of Environmental Studies: Mary Allegretti, Cubrita, Brazil.

Fall 2006

  • Visiting Professor of Law: Javier Couso, Diego Portales University, Santiago, Chile.

Fall 2005 & Spring 2006

  • Visiting Professor of Spanish & Portuguese: Jose Maria Morales, University of Berlin.

Spring 2005

  • Visiting Professor of History: Alcida Rita Ramos, University of Brasilia.
  • Visiting Professor of Botany: Liliana Katinas, Universidad Nacional, Argentina.

Fall 2004

  • Visiting Professor of Spanish & Portuguese: Ana Margarita Mateo Palmer, School of Theatrical Arts, Cuba

Spring 2004

  • Visiting Professor of Geography: Carlo Eduardo Reboratti, Universidad de Buenos Aires.
    Visiting Professor Sociology: Maria Helena Moreira Alves, Viva Rio (NGO), Brazil.

Fall 2003

  • Visiting Professor of Spanish & Portuguese: Joao Cezar de Castro Rocha, University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Visiting Professor of History: Alfonso Munera-Cavadia, University of Cartagena, Spain.

Spring 2003

  • Visiting Professor of Philosophy: Evodio Escalante, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico.

Fall 2002

  • Visiting Professor of Botany: Carmen Fenoll, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain.
  • Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies: Jose Moreno, Universidad de Castilla, Spain.

Spring 2002

  • Visiting Professor of Law: Mauricio Garcia Villegas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Fall 2001

  • Visiting Professor of Political Science: Paloma Aguilar Fernandez, Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Ciencias Sociales, Fundación UNED, Madrid, Spain.
  • Visiting Professor of Agriculture & Applied Economics: Adolfo Figueroa, Catholic University, Lima.