Katarzyna Olga Beilin

LACIS Director

+1(608) 332-0592

Ask me about Graduate Advising (Ph.D. Minor and Dual-Law Degree), Tinker Visiting Professor Sponsorship, and becoming a LACIS Faculty Affiliate.

Alberto Vargas

LACIS Associate Director

+1 (608)262-5622

Ask Me About: Graduate Advising (LACIS MA), Tinker Visiting Professors, Outreach and Events, Title VI Grant, Tinker-Nave Field Research Program, Links with Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Sarah Ripp

Academic Services and Programming Manager

+1 (608)262-0616

Ask me about:
*Academic Services including Undergraduate Advising
*Communications and Social Media
*K-12 Outreach and Community Outreach
*Programming and Event Planning

Office Hours (Summer 2019):
By appointment only

Margarita Orozco

Graduate Project Assistant

+1(608) 262-2811

Ask me about LACIS Lecture Series