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February 7: “The Endless Crisis: An Analysis of the Socio-Political Situation of Peru” | Presented by Christian Fidel Revilla Arizaca, Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa | VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | *Please note that this lecture will be given virtually via Zoom; however, we will be livestreaming it in 206 Ingraham if you would like to watch it with us there.* | VIDEO RECORDING

February 14: Book Presentation/Lecture: “Fundidores del progreso: imaginación industrial y la forja de la nación moderna en España/Founders of the Future: The Science and Industry of Spanish Modernization” | Presented (in Spanish, with live interpretation to English) by Dr. Oscar Ivan Useche, Lecturer, Department of English, UW-Madison | HYBRID: 206 INGRAHAM HALL or VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | VIDEO RECORDING

February 21: “The future of the Lula government and the uncertainties of Brazilian democracy” | Presented by Professor Glauco Arbix, University of Sao Paolo. Brazil | VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | VIDEO RECORDING

February 28: Book Presentation/Lecture: “Oralidades y escrituras kichwas”Presented by Dr. Armando Muyolema, Quechua Instructor, UW-Madison, and Dr. Fernando Garces, Professor, Salesian Polytechnic Institute, Ecuador |  HYBRID: 206 INGRAHAM HALL or VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | VIDEO RECORDING

March 7: “Mother Nature’s Secret Conversations: Wayñu Songs from the Indigenous Communities of the Highlands of Peru” | Presented by Natalia Armacanqui, Artist and dancer, and Richard Hildner Armacanqui, musician | HYBRID: 206 INGRAHAM HALL or VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | VIDEO RECORDING

March 21: “Economic Solidarity and Feminist Agroecologies in Guatemala during Covid-19” | Presented by Anika Rice | VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | *Please note that this lecture will be given virtually via Zoom; however, we will be livestreaming it in 206 Ingraham if you would like to watch it with us there.*VIDEO RECORDING

March 28: “Opportunity and Inequality in Cuba’s Changing Economy: Examining Havana’s Highly Stratified Residential Real-Estate Market” | Presented by Martina Kunovic, Sociology Faculty Member, Madison College, PhD, UW-Madison| HYBRID:  206 INGRAHAM HALL and VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | VIDEO RECORDING

April 4: “A Comparative Perspective on the Dirty Wars of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina” | Presented by Dr. Adela Cedillo, Assistant Professor of Modern Mexican History, University of Houston | HYBRID: 206 INGRAHAM HALL and VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | VIDEO RECORDING

April 11: “Indigenous Music Traditions from the Huasteca region, Mexico” | Presented by Raquel Gonzalez Paraiso, researcher, musician, and educator | HYBRID: 206 INGRAHAM HALL and VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | VIDEO RECORDING

April 18: Film Discussion/Presentation: “A World for Julius” | Presented by the film’s writer and director, Rossana Diaz Costa  | HYBRID: 206 INGRAHAM HALL and VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | Co-sponsored by the WI Film Festival, The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at UW-Milwaukee, and the UW-Madison Cinematheque | *The film “A World for Julius” will be screened the same evening as part of the WI Film Festival on April 18th and 5:15 p.m.* | VIDEO RECORDING

April 25: “Ritualizing Redistribution? Late Prehispanic Settlements in the Middle Sechin Valley, Peru” | Presented by Dr. David Pacifico, Director, Mathis Gallery, and Assistant Professor, Latin American Art, UW-Milwaukee | HYBRID: 206 INGRAHAM HALL and VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | VIDEO RECORDING

May 2: Book Presentation/Lecture: “Musical Entrepreneurs and the Cultural Politics of Inequality in Northeastern Brazil” | Presented by Dr. Falina Enriquez,  Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, and LACIS Faculty Affiliate, UW-Madison | HYBRID: 206 INGRAHAM HALL and VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM | VIDEO RECORDING

FALL 2022

September 20: “Traditional Music and Community in Mexico at the Turn of the 21st Century” Presented by UW-alumna, Raquel Gonzalez-Paraiso, Musician, Researcher, and Educator; PhD in Ethnomusicology, UW-Madison | Virtual | Video Recording

September 22: NAVE Visiting Scholar Lecture: “Visualizing Racial Politics: Mexican Americans and the Aesthetics of Non/Violence”  | Presented by NAVE Visiting Scholar Jose Izaguirre, III.

September 22: “Sustainability and Placemaking in Latinx Communities” | As part of Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Today Series.

September 23: NAVE Visiting Scholar Lecture: “Psychoanalysis and the Future of Humanities” | Presented by NAVE Visiting Scholars Dr. Vera Camden, Kent State University; Dr. Zehra Mehdi, Columbia University; and Dr. Valentino Zullo, Ursuline College; and Dr. Beatriz Botero, UW-Madison.

September 27: Book Presentation & Lecture: “Ni perversas ni traidoras: Ficciones de colaboración femenina en las dictaduras de Argentina y Chile” | Presented in Spanish by Ksenija Bilbija, Professor of Spanish, and former LACIS Faculty Director, UW-Madison | Virtual | Video Recording

September 29: “Social Movements and Policy Entrenchment in Latin America” | Presented by NAVE Visiting Scholar, Jessica A.J. Rich, Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Marquette University.

October 4: “Inca’s Hydraulics System and the Pre-Inca Stage” | Presented by Jose De Pierola, Senior Advisor in Water Resources Management | HYBRID | Video Recording

October 11: “A Latinas Path into Oregon Wine”Presented by Elena Rodriguez, President & Winemaker of Alumbra Cellars, as well as Viticulturist for the Rodriguez Family Vineyard |Video Recording

October 18: “Between Brown and Black: Anti-Racist Activism in Brazil” | Presented by Antonio José Bacelar da Silva, University of Arizona | Video Recording

October 25: “40 Days Without Food. The controversial public fast of Dr. Henry S. Tanner in New York, 1880” Presented by Agustí Nieto-Galan is Professor of History of Science at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), ICREA Acadèmia Fellow (2009 & 2018), and director of the Institut d’Història de la Ciència (iHC) at the UAB | Video Recording

November 1: “Play Throughout the Lifespan” | Presented (in Spanish) by Mercedes Gonzalez, founder of “Play for Life”; and Karen Haygood, LACIS alumna, and founder of Creando Little Language Learners | Video Recording

November 2: “The Perfection of Nature: Animals, Breeding, and Race in the Renaissance” | Presented by Professor Mackenzie Cooley

November 7:  “La situación de los escritores uruguayos” | Presented (in Spanish) by Uruguayan poet, Silvia Guerra

November 8: “The uncertain truth of the histórical novel. Writing about Francisca Pizarro” Presented by Alonso Cueto | Video Recording

November 15: Book Presentation/Lecture: “Milked: How an American Crisis Brought Together Midwestern Dairy Farmers and Mexican Workers” Presented by Ruth Conniff | Video Recording

November 22: “Diversity for Monoculture: The United Fruit Company and Agricultural Research” | Presented by Dr. Megan Raby, UT-Austin | Video Recording

November 27-December 1: LACIS’ Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence, Jacob Kushner

November 28: “Into Africa: Reporting on the return of other peoples’ things” | Presented by LACIS’ Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence, Jacob Kushner

November 29: “Perspectives for President Lula’s Third Administration in Brazil” | Presented by Tinker Visiting Professor of Sociology, Dr. Glauco Arbix | Video Recording

December 1: “STEM Pipeline or Catalyst for Change? Science Teachers Negotiating Contested Definitions of Equity” | Presented by Dr. Daniel Morales-Doyle

December 1: Career Conversation with international freelance journalist and LACIS’ Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence, Jacob Kushner

December 6: “Territorial Remainders in Patricio Guzman’s Geographical Triptych” Presented by Dr. Charles George Allen | VIDEO RECORDING


January 11-April 6: “Today in International Politics Speaker Series (TIPSS)” for K-12 Educators | Featuring various speakers including Dr. Carlos Urzua, Monterrey Institute for Technology and Higher Studies, Mexico (February 15)

January 15-16, 2022 via Zoom | (VIRTUAL) EDUCATOR WORKSHOP: Empowering Educators to Teach on Genocide | This virtual event will empower Wisconsin’s K-12 educators to teach on genocide and fulfill the mandates of Act 30, the new law passed by the Wisconsin legislature and Governor Evers in April 2021. It will offer participants the chance to hear presentations by top experts and acquire free book sets and other practical materials for teaching on the subject of genocide and five specific cases: the Holocaust, Cambodia, Rwanda, Argentina, and the Uyghurs in China. | NEWS ARTICLE ABOUT THE WORKSHOP

January 26-April 10: Intercambios: Art, Stories, & Comunidad Exhibition | Ruth Davis Design Gallery | Presented by NAVE Visiting Scholars Miriam Campos and Ana Paula Fuentes

February 1: “The Cold War is Stil Alive in Latin America: Reporting in The Progressive Magazine for Four Decades” | Presented by Norman Stockwell, publisher of The Progressive, and Jeff Abbott, Jeff Abbott, freelance journalist, photojournalist, and producer based in Guatemala. His work has appeared at Al Jazeera, the Guardian, and The Progressive Magazine. | VIRTUAL | Video Recording

February 3: “Mutual learning for the defense, culturally respectful and ethical use of indigenous biodiversity” | Presented by Dr. Claudia Calderon, Faculty Associate, Horticulture, UW-Madison

February 8: Lecture and Book Presentation of “Drugs, Violence and Latin America Global Psychotropy and Culture” | Presented by Joe Patteson | VIRTUAL | Video Recording

February 11: Film Screening: “Arrebato” (Spain) | Cinematheque

February 15: Lecture and Book Presentation: “Filmspanism: A Critical Companion to the Study of Spanish Film”* | Presented by Professor Juan Egea, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UW-Madison | VIRTUAL | Video Recording

February 18: Film Screening: “Dressed in Blue” (Spain) | Cinematheque

February 24: Film Screening: “Dark Habits” (Spain) | Cinematheque

March 1: “Intercultural education in Mexico, implications for natural resources conservation” | Presented by Francisco Rosado May | VIRTUAL | Video Recording

March 7: “Indigenous Struggles to Preserve Their Land in Brazil” A Virtual Roundtable with Indigenous Leaders & Scholars of Brazilian History & Culture
featuring indigenous leaders and scholars of Brazilian history and culture

March 8: “Smallholder Dairy Systems and Sustainable Development Goals: The Case of Central Mexico” | Presented by Michel Wattiaux, Professor of Dairy Systems Management, UW-Madison, and Carlos Manuel Arriaga-Jordan, Professor-Researcher, Institute for Agricultural and Rural Sciences, Universidad del Estado de Mexico (UAEM) | VIRTUAL | Video Recording

March 8-9: Lecture & Workshop: “Vodou, LGBTQ, Activism, politics, and electronic music” | Presented by Maksaens Denis, Haitian Multimedia artist

March 9: “Linguistics Matters” | Presented by Dr. Maria Polinsky

March 17-26: “CDMC Drop and Stitch with Nave Visiting Scholar Miriam Campos and Carolyn Kallenborn” as part of the Intercambios: Art, Stories & Comunidad Exhibition

March 21: “Pop Culture and Curriculum, Assemble! On Being Otherwise Sin Querer Queriendo” | Presented by Nave Visiting Scholar Daniel Friedrich, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Director of the Doctoral Program in the Dept of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University | Video Recording

March 21: Musical Performance and lecture by Leonardo Arturo Quintero |DMA candidate, guitar performance, UW-Madison | IN PERSON | 206 Ingraham Hall | Video Recording

March 22: “Food, medicine, or poison?: Understanding roles of apazote (Dysphania ambrosioides) in communities across Guatemala” | Presented by Tabitha Faber, UW-Madison PhD student, Botany | IN PERSON, 206 INGRAHAM | Video Recording

March 29: Rebels and Braves: Women behind the camera in the history of Peruvian film (1895-1992) | Presented by Gabriela Yepes-Rossal*, UW-Madison PhD student, Interdisciplinary Theater, and moderated by Professor Paola Hernandez, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, UW-Madison | Video Recording

April 5: “Chile’s Constitutional Convention: Challenges and Triumphs” | Presented by Javier Couso Salas, Professor of law at the Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile, and Professor of Global Trends in Constitutionalism, University of Utrecht, Netherlands. Dr. Couso Salas is a specialist in the field of sociology of law and comparative law, with a focus on constitutional issues in Latin American countries including Chile. Discussants: Professor Alexandra Huneeus, UW-Madison Law School, and Professor Kata Beilin, LACIS Faculty Director

April 6: “The Retornados Speak: The Politics of (Non) Belonging Confront Portugal’s Reimagined National Identity” | Presented by Professor Ana Catarina Teixeira, Director of the Portuguese Program, Emory University, Georgia

April 6: “Fandango Sin Fronteras!” (Live music as part of the Intercambios: Art, Stories, and Communidad exhibition)

April 8: World Cinema Day for K-12 Educators and their Students (as part of the Wisconsin Film Festival) | Organized in part by the Wisconsin International Resource Consortium (WIRC)

April 9: Global Learning Summit 2022: Glocal Learning Inside-Out (for K-12 Educators) | Organized by the Wisconsin International Resource Consortium (WIRC) and the WI Department of Public Instruction

April 12: Lecture and Book Presentation: “Precarious Democracy: Ethnographies of Hope, Despair, and Resistance in Brazil” | Presented by Dr. Falina Enriquez, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, and LACIS Faculty Affiliate, UW-Madison, with Sean Mitchel (Rutgers University), and Alvaro Jarrin (Holy Cross University). | VIRTUAL | Video Recording

April 19: Film Presentation: “Maya Land; Listening to the Bees”* | Presented by Kata Beilin, LACIS Faculty Director and Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, UW-Madison | VIRTUAL | Video Recording

April 21: Latinx Art: Representation, Exhibitions, and Institutions” | Presented by Marcela Guerrero | VIRTUAL

April 26: Imagination’s crucial role in confronting the menace of civilizatory collapse/El papel crucial de la imaginacion ante la amenzana de colapso civilizatorio” | Presented by Miguel Brieva* | VIRTUAL | Video Recording

April 29:“Museums and Human Rights: The Constitutional Controversy Presented by the University of Guadalajara to the Mexican Supreme Court” | Presented by Dr. Eduardo Santana Castellon | Video Recording

May 3: “Gente de la Tierra: a Fotoblog Project to Connect Youth, Communities, and Stewardship of the Earth” | Mary Beth Collins, Executive Director, Center for Community & Nonprofit Studies, School of Human Ecology, UW-Madison; Maria Moreno, Earth Partnership and Associate for Experiential Education,  Global Health Institute, UW-Madison; and Carlos Dávalos, doctoral candidate, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, UW-Madison. | IN PERSON, 206 Ingraham Hall

May 28: Cartonera Workshop | Create a cartonera book and learn about the history of cartoneras and how libraries collect them | @ UW South Partnership | Sponsored by LACIS, Axolote Cartonera, Friends of UW-Madison Libraries, and Memorial Library Special Collections

FALL 2021

FALL 2021:

August 31-December 8:  “Today in International Politics Speaker Series (TIPSS)” for K-12 Educators | Featuring various speakers

September 17: Film Screening: “New Order/Nuevo Orden” | Cinematheque

September 21: “Situacion Actual y Gestion del Desarrollo en Cusco-Peru” (Presented in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation) | Presented by Dr. Victor Boluarte Medina, Mayor of Cusco, Peru | Video Recording

September 27:  LACIS Fall Meet & Greet + Opportunities in Spanish-Speaking Countries with Study Abroad (IAP) and the International Internship Program (IIP) | Video Recording

September 28: Qué les pasó a las Abejas? | What happened to the Bees? in Campeche, Mexico  | Presented by Adriana Otero, Director of the film distribution company ABEJAS CINE | Video Recording

October 5: “An Ice Age Art Gallery in Amazonia?  | Presented by Jose Iriarte, Professor of Archaeology, Exeter University, and leading expert on the Amazon and pre-Columbian History | Ella Al-Shamahi, paleoanthropologist, National Geographic Explorer, evolutionary biologist, and stand-up comic. Moderated by Tinker Visiting Professor of History, German Palacio, lawyer at la Universidad del Rosario, Colombia. | Video Recording

October 12: “The Conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, 1521-2021: Domination and Oppression vs Resistance and Liberation” |Presented by LACIS Honorary Fellow, Jesús (Chucho) Alvarado | Video Recording

October 12: “Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Education and Bilingual Education in 21st Century Ecuador” | Presented by Armando Muyolema, LACIS, and Mirian Masquiza Jerez, United Nations

October 19:  “The Urbanization of the Rural World. Water, Homes, and Territorial Transformations in the Tropics” |Presented by Antonio Azuela de la Cueva, Researcher of Urban and Regional Studies, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. | Video Recording

October 22: Film Screening/Discussion: “The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz” | Cinematheque

October 26: ESCAPE TO DESPECIALIZATION: The shapes that art takes on the edges” | Presented by Alejandro Meitin | Video Recording

November 2: “Short Term Medical Missions to Central America” |Presented by Douglas Dulli, M.D., M.S. , UW-Madison, MD, MS | Video Recording

November 4/5: Workshop & Lecture with Jorge Marcone, artist | Center for Visual Cultures

November 8: “Day of the Dead Community Altar Story Sharing & Celebration” | Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

November 9: Contemporary art and poetry and the colonial archive in Brazil”  | Presented by Tinker Visiting Professor, Diana Klinger | Video Recording

November 12: “Remembrance & Celebration at Garver Feed Mill”

November 15: “Lessons from a First-Generation Badger and LACIS Alum” | Presented by Jesus Del Toro, District Communications Coordinator & Outreach Liaison, Illinois’ 4th Congressional District | Video Recording

November 16: “The Sacrificial deaths of Peccary and Puma: A Pan-Andean Ethnographic Theme?” | Presented by Frank Salomon, John V. Murra Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at the University of Iowa | Video Recording

November 17: Career Presentation: “How to Highlight International Experiences on a Resume”

November 18: Film Screening: “Between Sea and Land” 

November 30: “Ficciones endeudadas latinoamericanas: el poder mimético y ficcional de la deuda / Indebted Latin American Fictions: The Power of Debt” | Presented by Karen Garcia Escorcia, PhD, UW-Madison | Video Recording

November 30: Virtual Tour: “Mexico City was on a Lake?” | Presented by Natalia Cabarga,

December 7: “Stopping the Next One: Chronicling the race to prevent the next pandemic”  | Presented by Jacob Kushner, international freelance journalist and UW-Madison LACIS/Journalism alum, and Dr. Karen B. Strier, Vilas Research Professor and Irven Devore Professor of Anthropology, and LACIS faculty affiliate, UW-Madison | Video Recording

December 8: Career Conversation with Jacob Kushner, International Freelance Journalist


America and World Fascism from the Spanish Civil War to Nuremberg and Beyond

LACIS was pleased to offer scholarships for qualified educators who wish to attend this workshop. Scholarships are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to the first 10 applicants. Learn more about the course HERE.

2021 CLACS Summer Teacher Institute: Underreported News Stories from Latin America

Please join Pulitzer Center and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for an engaging webinar and workshop series Monday, June 28-Wednesday, June 30, 2021 (9am-12noon CDT) that will introduce techniques for integrating journalism about Latin American, media literacy skills, and global competency skills into the curriculum. Led by education staff and journalist-grantees from the Pulitzer Center, this virtual Institute will include presentations by award-winning journalists Ana Maria Arevalo GosenAnita Pouchard Serra, and Valentina Oropeza. The Institute is also designed to give participants the opportunity to collectively explore ways to use journalism to teach communication and critical thinking skills, and to analyze how other instructors have employed Pulitzer resources to support their curricula and help students develop critical thinking, communication skills, and empathy.

A collaboration between the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, the UW-Milwaukee Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), UW-Madison Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies (LACIS) and the Florida International University (FIU) Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center. CLACS, LACIS and FIU are Title VI National Resource Centers, funded by the U.S. Department of Education.


SPRING 2021:

February 2nd: “Of Neutrality: Science, innovation and the politics of the future” | Presented by Vicenzo Pavone* | Video Recording

February 9th: “Nitrogen fixation in maize landraces from Oaxaca, Mexico: from Indigenous knowledge to the Wisconsin Idea”| Presented by Jean-Michel Ane Video Recording

February 16th: “The O’odham Nation, a people between borders. The new immigration policies and indigenous territory” | Presented by Lucila Polo Video Recording

February 23rd: “Perspectives of development in the Yucatan Peninsula” | Presented by Robin Canul* | Video Recording

March 2nd: “Identidad Imaginada: Novelistica Colombiana del siglo XXI” | Presented by Beatriz Botero Video Recording

March 9th: “The Colombia-Wisconsin One Health Effort: Innovation and the Study of Emerging Diseases” | Presented by Juan Pablo Hernandez, Leonor Hidalgo, and Jorge Osorio Video Recording

March 10th, 2021 @ 3:00 p.m. (CST): Virtual Guided Tour of Mexico City: “Mexico City Was on a Lake?”

LACIS has arranged to have a virtual guided tour of Mexico City for teachers, families, and others who may be interested in learning more about the history, geography, and rich cultural heritage of Mexico City!

This is a FREE event and open to any of our LACIS and LAASEN partners and friends.

March 16th: “Not Even a Grain of Rice: Buying Food on Credit in the Dominican Republic” | Presented by Christine Hippert Video Recording

March 23rd: “Agribiopolitics: Plants and humans in the age of monocrops in Paraguay” | Presented by Kregg Hetherington* | Video Recording

March 30th: “There and back again: US-Cuba Policy and the power transition in Washington” | Presented by Ernesto Dominguez Video Recording

April 6th: “On the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Cuban Economy, and Remittance Flows to the Island” | Presented by Denisse Delgado Vazquez Video Recording

April 13th: “Violence and anonymity in the Mexican blogosphere” | Presented by Hector Amaya Video Recording

April 20th: “Facing the Environmental Mission: Small Farmers in Nicaragua and the Agro-Ecological Challenges of the Neoliberal Food Regime” | Presented by Birgit Muller* | Video Recording

April 27th: “Short-term prospects for the Mexican economy / Perspectivas en el corto plazo de la economía Mexicana”| Presented by Carlos M. Urzua Video Recording

FALL 2020

FALL 2020:

September 15: “Contemporary Colombian Cinema: A conversation with producer and director Jorge Andrés Botero” 

September 22: “Desentrañando los Empeños. La subversión de un esfuerzo colectivo.Unraveling the Trials. The subversion of a collective effort” | Presented by Nuria Alkorta, with comments provided by Gloria Morales, Maria Pulla-France, and Elizabeth Neary | Video Recording

September 29: “Julia Pastrana and the The Eye of the Beholder” | Presented by Laura Anderson Barbata Video Recording

October (Month-long workshop): The Growing Crisis of Refugees and Statelessness: A Practical, Pedagogical Workshop for Community-College Educators

October 6: Winds of Desire: “Energy and sovereignty in southern México” | Presented by Dominic Boyer | Video Recording

October 13: Indigenous Rights and Megaprojects in the Tehuantepec Isthmus in Mexico” | Presented by Lucila Bettina Cruz Velázquez | Video Recording

October 20: “Frontiers, Conservation and Armed Conflict in the Colombia Amazon” | Presented by German Palacio | Video Recording

October 27: “Women’s Voices. New Approaches to Mexico’s Human Rights Crisis” | Presented by Lucia Melgar, cultural critic, and professor of literature and gender studies | Video Recording

November 3: COVID in Brazil: Political and Institutional Effects | Presented by Jean Vilbert, Helen Firstbrook Fellow, La Follette School of Public Affairs | Video Recording

November 10: “SUGAR MACHINE: Medical Technologies and Plantation Legacies in the Caribbean Diabetes Epidemic” | Presented by Amy Moran-Thomas, Associate Professor of Anthropology at MIT

November 17: “Renewable Energy and More-than-Human Worlds: A Case Study in Mexico” | Presented by Cymene Howe, Professor of Anthropology at Rice University | Video Recording

December 1: “Narracion oral escenica de la literatura Peruana” | Presented by WillaqCuna | Video Recording


September 9Gender, Sexuality, and Migration in the Americas

Welcome by LACIS Director Kata Beilin

Moderator: Associate Professor of Geography at UW-Madison Jenna Loyd

Speakers: Eithne Luibheid, Sandibel Borges and Dario Valles

September 16Women, Youth, and Violence in the Borderlands

Welcome by CLACS Director Natasha Borges Sugiyama (Associate Professor of Political Science, UW-Milwaukee)

Speaker/Moderator: Kristin Pitt (CLACS Fellow, Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies and French, Italian & Comparative Literature, UW-Milwaukee), “An Impossible Story to Tell: Representing Feminicide in Desert Blood: The Juárez Murders

Speaker: Cynthia Bejarano (Regents Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, New Mexico State University) & Ma. Eugenia (Maru) Hernández Sánchez (Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez), “The Migrant as Encounter: Constructing a Duality of ‘Other’ness along the U.S.-Mexico Border”

September 23: Panel on Central America

Moderators: Associate Professor of Geography at UW-Madison Jenna Loyd and Associate Professor of Communication Arts at UW-Madison Sara McKinnon

Speakers: Wendy Vogt (Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) & Douglas Haynes (Professor of English, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; UWM; CLACS Regional Faculty Associate & UW Madison CHE Community Associate; Author of Every Day We Live Is the Future: Surviving in a City of Disasters)

September 30Crossing U.S. Borders

Moderator: Rachel Ida Buff (CLACS Fellow, Professor, History UW-Milwaukee), “A is for Asylum Seeker: Words for People on the Move

Speakers: Adam Goodman (Assistant Professor, Latin American & Latino Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Deportation without Due Process: The American Way”) & Nicole Ramos (Director, Border Rights Project, Al Otro Lado, “Sanctuary, Solidarity & the Rule of Law at the US-Mexico Border”)

October 7Providing Legal Services to Women and Children Seeking Asylum in Detention

Moderator: Erin Barbato (Director of the Immigrant Justice Clinic at UW-Madison’s Law School)

Panelists: Juan Jose Fonseca Angel: Third Year Law Student, Angela O’Brien: Associate Attorney at Quarles & Brady, Julia Jagow: Associate Attorney at Boardman and Clark, Perla Rubio Terrones: Clinical Instructor at the Immigrant Justice Clinic at UW Law School, Margaret Morris: Third Year Law Student, Nancy Cruz: Associate Attorney at Michael Best, Naomi Smith: Third Year Law Student, Ramuel Figueroa: Third Year Law Student

October 14: Trends in Immigration Reform

Moderator: Michael Light (Associate Professor of Sociology and Chicano/Latino Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Speakers: Jens Manuel Krogstad (Senior writer and editor at Pew Research Center), Aissa Olivarez (Community Immigration Law Center), Isabel Anadon (UW-Madison Sociology PhD Student)

October 21: Panel on transnational migrations to the Americas and on Venezuela

Moderator: Lesley Bartlett (Professor of Educational Policy Studies; Faculty Director at the Institute for Regional and International Studies; Editor for Anthropology and Education Quarterly at UW-Madison)

Speakers: Luisa Feline Freier (Associate Professor of Social and Political Science and
Associate Editor for Migration Studies Universidad del Pacífico), Diana Rodriguez Gomez (Assistant Professor of Education Policy Studies at UW-Madison)

October 28: Crossing Borders, Navigating Race: Blackness and Migration in the Americas

Moderator: Ermitte Saint Jacques (Assistant Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies at UW-Milwaukee)

Speakers: Monika Gosin (Associate Professor of Sociology at the College of William & Mary, “Becoming (Afro) Cuban in Miami”), Jeffery Kahn (Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of California, Davis, “Haitian Migration and the History of the Present”), Ida Marie Savio Vammen (Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Danish Institute for International Studies, “Contesting Borders: movement and friction in the lives of Senegalese migrants in Argentina”)

November 4: South-South Migration

Moderator: Anne Dressel (CLACS Fellow and Assistant Professor of Nursing at UW-Milwaukee, “Attitudes toward immigrants and refugees in Ecuador”)

Speakers: Megan Sheehan (Assistant Professor of Sociology at College of Saint Benedict at Saint John’s University, “Urban Encounters: Migrant Settlement in Santiago, Chile”), Cristián Doña-Reveco (Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology and Office of Latino/Latin American Studies at University of Nebraska at Omaha, “Receiving Context and Policy Changes in the Transformation from Emigration Country to an Immigration Country. The case of Chile”)

November 11: Immigration from LA to the Midwest

Moderator: Armando Ibarra (Associate Professor of Chicano@ and Latin@ Studies and the School for Workers at UW-Madison)

Panelists: Almita A. Miranda (Assistant Professor of Geography and Chican@ and Latin@ Studies at UW-Madison), Alfredo Carlos (Director of  The Foundation for Economic Democracy & Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at CSU Long Beach), Marla A. Ramírez (Assistant Professor of History and Chican@ and Latin@ Studies at UW-Madison), José G. Villagrán ( Ph.D., Lecturer, Chican@ & Latin@ Studies, UW-Madison)

November 18: Wisconsin/Milwaukee Ties

Moderator: Rachel Bloom-Pojar (CLACS Fellow and Associate Professor of English at UW-Milwaukee)

Speakers: Jesús Salas (Activist, ShopTalk speaker for the Wisconsin Humanities Council’s Working Lives Project, former member of the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents)