Programming Archive

FALL 2021:

September 21: “Situacion Actual y Gestion del Desarrollo en Cusco-Peru” (Presented in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation) | Presented by Dr. Victor Boluarte Medina, Mayor of Cusco, Peru | Video Recording

September 28: Qué les pasó a las Abejas? | What happened to the Bees? in Campeche, Mexico  | Presented by Adriana Otero, Director of the film distribution company ABEJAS CINE | Video Recording

October 5: “An Ice Age Art Gallery in Amazonia?  | Presented by Jose Iriarte, Professor of Archaeology, Exeter University, and leading expert on the Amazon and pre-Columbian History | Ella Al-Shamahi, paleoanthropologist, National Geographic Explorer, evolutionary biologist, and stand-up comic. Moderated by Tinker Visiting Professor of History, German Palacio, lawyer at la Universidad del Rosario, Colombia. | Video Recording

October 12: “The Conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, 1521-2021: Domination and Oppression vs Resistance and Liberation” |Presented by LACIS Honorary Fellow, Jesús (Chucho) Alvarado | Video Recording

October 19:  “The Urbanization of the Rural World. Water, Homes, and Territorial Transformations in the Tropics” |Presented by Antonio Azuela de la Cueva, Researcher of Urban and Regional Studies, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. | Video Recording

SPRING 2021:

February 2nd: “Of Neutrality: Science, innovation and the politics of the future” | Presented by Vicenzo Pavone* | Video Recording

February 9th: “Nitrogen fixation in maize landraces from Oaxaca, Mexico: from Indigenous knowledge to the Wisconsin Idea”| Presented by Jean-Michel Ane Video Recording

February 16th: “The O’odham Nation, a people between borders. The new immigration policies and indigenous territory” | Presented by Lucila Polo Video Recording

February 23rd: “Perspectives of development in the Yucatan Peninsula” | Presented by Robin Canul* | Video Recording

March 2nd: “Identidad Imaginada: Novelistica Colombiana del siglo XXI” | Presented by Beatriz Botero Video Recording

March 9th: “The Colombia-Wisconsin One Health Effort: Innovation and the Study of Emerging Diseases” | Presented by Juan Pablo Hernandez, Leonor Hidalgo, and Jorge Osorio Video Recording

March 16th: “Not Even a Grain of Rice: Buying Food on Credit in the Dominican Republic” | Presented by Christine Hippert Video Recording

March 23rd: “Agribiopolitics: Plants and humans in the age of monocrops in Paraguay” | Presented by Kregg Hetherington* | Video Recording

March 30th: “There and back again: US-Cuba Policy and the power transition in Washington” | Presented by Ernesto Dominguez Video Recording

April 6th: “On the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Cuban Economy, and Remittance Flows to the Island” | Presented by Denisse Delgado Vazquez Video Recording

April 13th: “Violence and anonymity in the Mexican blogosphere” | Presented by Hector Amaya Video Recording

April 20th: “Facing the Environmental Mission: Small Farmers in Nicaragua and the Agro-Ecological Challenges of the Neoliberal Food Regime” | Presented by Birgit Muller* | Video Recording

April 27th: “Short-term prospects for the Mexican economy / Perspectivas en el corto plazo de la economía Mexicana”| Presented by Carlos M. Urzua Video Recording

FALL 2020:

September 15: “Contemporary Colombian Cinema: A conversation with producer and director Jorge Andrés Botero” 

  • Lecture RECORDING

September 22: “Desentrañando los Empeños. La subversión de un esfuerzo colectivo.Unraveling the Trials. The subversion of a collective effort” / Presented by Nuria Alkorta, with comments provided by Gloria Morales, Maria Pulla-France, and Elizabeth Neary

September 29: “Julia Pastrana and the The Eye of the Beholder” / Presented by Laura Anderson Barbata

October 6: Winds of Desire: “Energy and sovereignty in southern México” / Presented by Dominic Boyer

October 13: Indigenous Rights and Megaprojects in the Tehuantepec Isthmus in Mexico” / Presented by Bettina Cruz

October 20: “Frontiers, Conservation and Armed Conflict in the Colombia Amazon” / Presented by German Palacio

October 27: “Women’s Voices. New Approaches to Mexico’s Human Rights Crisis” / Presented by Lucia Melgar, cultural critic, and professor of literature and gender studies

November 3: COVID in Brazil: Political and Institutional Effects / Presented by Jean Vilbert, Helen Firstbrook Fellow, La Follette School of Public Affairs

November 10: “SUGAR MACHINE: Medical Technologies and Plantation Legacies in the Caribbean Diabetes Epidemic” / Presented by Amy Moran-Thomas, Associate Professor of Anthropology at MIT

November 17: “Renewable Energy and More-than-Human Worlds: A Case Study in Mexico” / Presented by Cymene Howe, Professor of Anthropology at Rice University

December 1: “Narracion oral escenica de la literatura Peruana” / Presented by WillaqCuna


September 9Gender, Sexuality, and Migration in the Americas

Welcome by LACIS Director Kata Beilin

Moderator: Associate Professor of Geography at UW-Madison Jenna Loyd

Speakers: Eithne Luibheid, Sandibel Borges and Dario Valles

September 16Women, Youth, and Violence in the Borderlands

Welcome by CLACS Director Natasha Borges Sugiyama (Associate Professor of Political Science, UW-Milwaukee)

Speaker/Moderator: Kristin Pitt (CLACS Fellow, Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies and French, Italian & Comparative Literature, UW-Milwaukee), “An Impossible Story to Tell: Representing Feminicide in Desert Blood: The Juárez Murders

Speaker: Cynthia Bejarano (Regents Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, New Mexico State University) & Ma. Eugenia (Maru) Hernández Sánchez (Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez), “The Migrant as Encounter: Constructing a Duality of ‘Other’ness along the U.S.-Mexico Border”

September 23: Panel on Central America

Moderators: Associate Professor of Geography at UW-Madison Jenna Loyd and Associate Professor of Communication Arts at UW-Madison Sara McKinnon

Speakers: Wendy Vogt (Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) & Douglas Haynes (Professor of English, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; UWM; CLACS Regional Faculty Associate & UW Madison CHE Community Associate; Author of Every Day We Live Is the Future: Surviving in a City of Disasters)

September 30: Crossing U.S. Borders

Moderator: Rachel Ida Buff (CLACS Fellow, Professor, History UW-Milwaukee), “A is for Asylum Seeker: Words for People on the Move

Speakers: Adam Goodman (Assistant Professor, Latin American & Latino Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Deportation without Due Process: The American Way”) & Nicole Ramos (Director, Border Rights Project, Al Otro Lado, “Sanctuary, Solidarity & the Rule of Law at the US-Mexico Border”)

October 7Providing Legal Services to Women and Children Seeking Asylum in Detention

Moderator: Erin Barbato (Director of the Immigrant Justice Clinic at UW-Madison’s Law School)

Panelists: Juan Jose Fonseca Angel: Third Year Law Student, Angela O’Brien: Associate Attorney at Quarles & Brady, Julia Jagow: Associate Attorney at Boardman and Clark, Perla Rubio Terrones: Clinical Instructor at the Immigrant Justice Clinic at UW Law School, Margaret Morris: Third Year Law Student, Nancy Cruz: Associate Attorney at Michael Best, Naomi Smith: Third Year Law Student, Ramuel Figueroa: Third Year Law Student

October 14: Trends in Immigration Reform

Moderator: Michael Light (Associate Professor of Sociology and Chicano/Latino Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Speakers: Jens Manuel Krogstad (Senior writer and editor at Pew Research Center), Aissa Olivarez (Community Immigration Law Center), Isabel Anadon (UW-Madison Sociology PhD Student)

October 21: Panel on transnational migrations to the Americas and on Venezuela

Moderator: Lesley Bartlett (Professor of Educational Policy Studies; Faculty Director at the Institute for Regional and International Studies; Editor for Anthropology and Education Quarterly at UW-Madison)

Speakers: Luisa Feline Freier (Associate Professor of Social and Political Science and
Associate Editor for Migration Studies Universidad del Pacífico), Diana Rodriguez Gomez (Assistant Professor of Education Policy Studies at UW-Madison)

October 28: Crossing Borders, Navigating Race: Blackness and Migration in the Americas

Moderator: Ermitte Saint Jacques (Assistant Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies at UW-Milwaukee)

Speakers: Monika Gosin (Associate Professor of Sociology at the College of William & Mary, “Becoming (Afro) Cuban in Miami”), Jeffery Kahn (Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of California, Davis, “Haitian Migration and the History of the Present”), Ida Marie Savio Vammen (Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Danish Institute for International Studies, “Contesting Borders: movement and friction in the lives of Senegalese migrants in Argentina”)

November 4: South-South Migration

Moderator: Anne Dressel (CLACS Fellow and Assistant Professor of Nursing at UW-Milwaukee, “Attitudes toward immigrants and refugees in Ecuador”)

Speakers: Megan Sheehan (Assistant Professor of Sociology at College of Saint Benedict at Saint John’s University, “Urban Encounters: Migrant Settlement in Santiago, Chile”), Cristián Doña-Reveco (Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology and Office of Latino/Latin American Studies at University of Nebraska at Omaha, “Receiving Context and Policy Changes in the Transformation from Emigration Country to an Immigration Country. The case of Chile”)

November 11: Immigration from LA to the Midwest

Moderator: Armando Ibarra (Associate Professor of Chicano@ and Latin@ Studies and the School for Workers at UW-Madison)

Panelists: Almita A. Miranda (Assistant Professor of Geography and Chican@ and Latin@ Studies at UW-Madison), Alfredo Carlos (Director of  The Foundation for Economic Democracy & Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at CSU Long Beach), Marla A. Ramírez (Assistant Professor of History and Chican@ and Latin@ Studies at UW-Madison), José G. Villagrán ( Ph.D., Lecturer, Chican@ & Latin@ Studies, UW-Madison)

November 18: Wisconsin/Milwaukee Ties

Moderator: Rachel Bloom-Pojar (CLACS Fellow and Associate Professor of English at UW-Milwaukee)

Speakers: Jesús Salas (Activist, ShopTalk speaker for the Wisconsin Humanities Council’s Working Lives Project, former member of the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents)