LACIS Lunchtime Lecture Series (10/20): Learn about conservation and armed conflict in the Colombian Amazon

by Isabelle Johnson, LACIS’ Communications Assistant

Each week this semester, LACIS is excited to introduce a new lecturer focusing on various cultures, issues, and histories arising from the regions of Latin America, the Caribbean, or Iberia. These virtual “lunchtime” lectures are held every Tuesday from 12:30-1:30 p.m. and have touched on topics ranging from Indigenous sovereignty in Mexico to art history.

This week, the LACIS program is proud to present Professor German Palacio, a former, and upcoming Tinker Visiting Professor, who will be focusing his discussion on the contemporary history of the Amazon rainforest.

Having earned his PhD from Florida International University-Miami, Dr. Palacio currently teaches at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia at their Amazonia campus in Leticia. Thus far he has written multiple books, including Ecologia Politica de la Amazonia (2010), and most recently Territorios Improbables (2018), which focuses on the socio-political conflicts within the Columbian Amazon. He is also the author of many articles revolving around the environmental history and political ecology of the region. While dedicating his studies to the region, Dr. Palacio has become a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Human Dimensions Program for Global Environmental Change, and also completed work as a Fulbright Scholar.

This coming Wednesday, October 20th (12:30-1:30), Dr. Palacio will be focusing his lecture on the globalized nature of the Amazon. It is entitled Frontiers, Conservation and Armed Conflict in the Colombia Amazon. In addition to centering his discussion around the ecological and environmental nature of the Amazon’s history, he will also be discussing the armed conflict that has pervaded the region in recent years. Please click HERE to learn more and to register to attend this FREE event!