Adrian Treves

  1. Ohrens, O., Bonacic, C., & Treves, A. (2019). Non-lethal livestock defense against predators: Flashing lights deter puma attacks in Chile. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 17(1), 32-38.
    • We evaluated the functional effectiveness of a non-lethal light device called Foxlights ® in deterring puma and Andean fox attacks to livestock in the High Andes of Chile, using a randomized crossover design. Our results suggest that lights did deter pumas but not foxes during the 4-month calving season. Given responsible and ethical wildlife management interventions should be justified with proof of effectiveness, we argue for raising the standards of science used for managing wildlife, endangered species, protecting domestic and wild animals and safeguarding livelihoods. This work has important implications for white-hot debates on large carnivore conservation in addition to endangered species policy worldwide.