Kait Sims

I am an applied economist working at various junctures of political economy/policy analysis. My primary interests are in the ways that people cope with conflict, political instability, and other forms of uncertainty. My training is as an applied and development economist, with an emphasis on Latin America and the economic and social implications of the Chilean military dictatorship. I draw actively on frameworks developed in psychology and sociology, especially as they relate to trauma (intergenerational and otherwise) and self-concept. I am affiliated with the UW-Madison Sexual Violence Research Initiative and the Gibbs Land Use and the Environment Lab (GLUE).

Studying: Economic Development

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Dower

Awards and Honors: University graduate school fellowship; Tinker-Nave Short-Term Field Grant recipient (2018); affiliated with the Gibbs Land Use and the Environment Lab (GLUE); affiliated with the Sexual Violence Research Initiative