Matthew J. Zinsli

I am originally from Verona, Wisconsin. Prior to my PhD program, I worked as a bilingual educator and administrator at a K-12 school in Honduras. As part of completing a master’s degree in Environmental Studies I worked on research projects in tropical agriculture and rural livelihood development in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In my research, I explore how knowledge is produced, deployed, and contested in the context of rural development projects in Latin America.

Studying: Rural Development, Science & Technology Studies, International Food Policy

Faculty Advisors: Gay Seidman, Samer Alatout

Awards & Honors: Review of ‘On the backs of tortoises: Darwin, Galápagos, and the fate of an evolutionary Eden’ by Elizabeth Hennessy (Yale University Press, 2019), Island Studies Journal, 15(1), 274-276. Henry Steenbock Scholarship, 2020 Tinker/Nave Fund Short-term Field Research Grant, 2018 Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, 2016 UW–Madison/Mellon Foundation Area and International Studies Research Fellowship, 2015 Ruth & Carl Miller Academic Merit Award, 2018 Affiliate of Latin American Studies Association, American Sociology Association