Ruth Llana

Ruth Llana Fernández is a PhD candidate concentrating in Latin American Contemporary Literature with a minor in the Transdisciplinary Study of Visual Cultures. Her dissertation examines the role that nonhuman actors, migratory experiences, as well as crip and queer existence, play in the expression of sensorial textualities within the emergence of lyrical fiction in female and queer authorship from 20th Century Brazil and Southern Cone.

Studying: Visual Culture Studies. Gender and Women Studies. 20th Century Brazilian Literature. 20th Century Southern Cone Literature. Poetics. Photography. Film.

Faculty Advisor: Marcelo Pellegrini

Awards & Honors: Selected Awards: Premio de Poesía Federico García Lorca de la Universidad de Granada, 2014; Tinker Nave Research Grant, 2018; Dissertation Summer Write-Up Award, 2020. Translations: Berssenbrugge, Mei-mei. I love Artists/Me encantan los artistas, translated by Ruth Llana, Barcelona, Kriller 71, 2019. Sánchez, Juan Manuel. For the Seals/Para las focas, translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Ruth Llana, California, Toad Press, 2019. Poetry Books: Tiembla. Sevilla, Point de Lunettes, 2014. Estructuras. Valencia, Ejemplar Único, 2015. Umbral. Oviedo, Malasangre, 2017.