Isabel Martín-Sánchez

Isabel Martín-Sánchez is from Madrid, Spain and studied communication and international relationships before moving to the USA. The 2008 economic crisis affected her plans and forced Martín-Sánchez to reinvent her career, so she decided to move first to Wyoming (2014) and then to Wisconsin (2018) to follow other passions: teaching and literature. Currently, Martín-Sánchez is a Ph.D. Candidate in Spanish Literature with a minor certificate in Visual Studies and a TA in the Spanish & Portuguese department. Her research interest is the performativity of the border region between the U.S.A. and Mexico, particularly in regard to how this is visually, theatrically, and sonically represented. Martín-Sánchez loves theater and tries to perform and act whenever she has a chance.

Studying: Migration, Performance, Theater, and Visual Culture

Faculty Advisor: Paola Hernández

Awards & Honors: Spanish & Portuguese Department Research Summer Award (2020) – TINKER NAVE Short-Term Field Research Grant (2020) – Fall 2020 L&S Teaching Fellow Award University of Wisconsin – Madison – Spanish & Portuguese Department Fund Award for LATT Conference 2020 $750 (postponed) – Graduate School Research Travel for Mexico City (2019) – TINKER NAVE Short-Term Field Research Grant (2019) – Spanish & Portuguese Department Graduate Student Best Research Paper Award Spring 2019 (Nominated) – Spanish & Portuguese Department Assistance for 72th RMMLA 2018 – Charles Davis Award for Best Graduate Student Presentation at 72th RMMLA Convention (Nominated) – Honored Instructor Fall 2018 – October 2018 Asociación de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades Conference Fund for XXVIII 28vo Congress Voicing Gender in Hispanic and Lusopohone Letters, Theater, Cinema and Other Media. (Declined) – Ignacio R.M. Galbis,2016 Award for the article: “De la idea al mito: La importancia de crear símbolos para una revolución.”

PUBLICATIONS: – “La identidad del escritor: Borges a través de los ojos de Cortázar.” El Cid: The Citadel (Summer 2017):Ii-Ixiii. Article. – “El reloj no marca las doce.” El Cid: The Citadel XXVI (Summer 2016): xvii-xxiii. Short story. – “De la idea al mito: La importancia de crear símbolos para una revolución.” El Cid: The Citadel XXVI (2016): xxxviii-lv. Article. – “Kathryn Quinn-Sánchez. Identity in Latin American and Latina Literature: The Struggle to Self-Define in a Global Era Where Space, Capitalism, and Power Rule.” Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature 70.1 (Spring 2016): 115-16. Book Review.

THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE PRODUCTIONS SPONSORED BY UW-MADISON: – February 28-March 1, 2020. María 1. El amor de las luciérnagas by Alejandro Ricaño (full production). – March 9, 2019. La Monica. The Gardens of Aztlan by Luis Alfaro (full production). – December 8, 2018. Creator and performer. “One Dot, Un Niño”. Data Vaudevilles: Bits and Bytes -May 4-5, 2018 Lead actress. Antígona: las voces que incendian el desierto by Perla de la Rosa (full production).