Karen Strier

  1. Strier, K. B. (2019). Everything for the Muriquis: Reflections from a long-term field study of a critically endangered primate. Invited essay for “As Mulheres da Mastozoologia” in the Boletim da Sociedade Brasileiro da Mastozoologia, 85,117-127.
    • This is an essay that was invited for a special issue on “women in Brazilian mammalogy: published in the journal of the Brazilian Mammalogy Society. I write about my ongoing field study of a Brazilian primate, the muriqui, tracing both the research and its context in Brazilian science and conservation since 1982.
  2. Strier, K. B., Tabacow, F. P., Possamai, C. B., Ferreira, A. I. G., Nery, M., de Melo, F. R., & Mendes, S.L. (2019). Status of the northern muriqui in the time of yellow fever. Primates, 60, 21-28.
    • This is a scientific study that presents results on the impact of a recent outbreak of yellow fever on two populations of the critically endangered northern muriqui monkey in Brazil.