Kate Vieira

  1. Vieira, Kate. “May You Bury Me.” The Sun, 2021.
  2. Vieira, Kate. Writing for Love and Money: How Migration Drives Literacy Learning in Transnational Families. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019.
    • This book, drawing from qualitative research in Brazil, Latvia, and the United States, forwards an asset-based account of migrant literacy by showing how families separated across borders learn new ways of writing to keep in touch.
  3. Lopez, Jhoana Patiño, and Kate Vieira (Eds). Paz: Escribiendo Un Corazón Comùn. Manizales: Colombia: Ojo con la Gota de TINta Press, 2019.
    • Funded by Fulbright, ICETEX, and a Baldwin Seed Grant, this collaborative community-engaged project draws from the work of 14 co-authors (including high school students, teachers, writers, and artists) who are committed to using writing to build peace in Colombia’s post-peace-accord era. The result is a “pedagogical kit,” including an edited collection and a writing-for-peace board game our team developed for use in communities and schools.