Katie Kirchgasler

Project: Focuses specifically on histories of educational and health interventions in early 20th-century Puerto Rico.


  1. Kirchgasler, K. (2020). Dangers of “making diversity visible”: Historicizing metrics of science achievement in U.S. educational policy. In G. Fan & T. Popkewitz (Eds.), The Handbook of Education Policy Studies: Volume II of School/University, Curriculum, and Assessment. Singapore: Springer. 
    • This handbook chapter examines how U.S. and international science education policy participate in making categories of self and Other through distinctions that divide scientific from superstitious and healthy from pathological, and which render citizenship into a moral and cultural qualification rather than an assumption. 
  2. Kirchgasler, K. (2019). Strange precipitate: How interest in science produces different kinds of students. In W. Letts & S. Fifield (Eds.), STEM of Desire: Queer Theories and Science Education (pp. 191–209). Leiden (Netherlands): Brill. 
    • This chapter uses history to underscore dangers in how current science education research and policy position “girls, students of color, and children from immigrant families” as requiring different forms of instruction to generate an interest in science that is otherwise presumed lacking by those reform discourses.