Lectures & Other Events

February 5

From Optimism to Pessimism? Social Media and Citizenship in Chile

By: Sebastián Valenzuela. Tinker Visiting Professor School of Journalism and Mass Communication

February 12

From Hope to Hate: The Rise of Conservative Subjectivity in Brazil

By: Rosana Pinheiro Machado. Anthropologist, scholar, and writer. Specialized in the informal and illegal economy, poverty, and modernity in Brazil and China.

February 19 

A Difficult Transition: Colombian Peace Process from Ex-Combatants Perspective.

By: Margarita Orozco. Ph.D. Candidate, School of Journalism and Mass Comm. UW-Madison

February 26 

The Caravans, The Phenomenon that Changes the Face of Emigration

By: Jacobo García.  He is a journalist from El País Newspaper.  Jacobo has been traveling with the migrants’ caravans and reporting the US border situation from México, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

March 5

Queering the Cuban Screen, other faces and desires on the new Cuban Cinema

By: Norge Espinosa. Poet, critic, and playwright, Espinosa is also one of Cuba’s most visible gay activists, having organized events such as the Jornada de Arte Homoerótico, the first of its kind in the country (1998-2000), and, together with Víctor Fowler, the island’s first conference on Homoerotic Cuban Literature.

March 12

The Hidden Life of Things: Andean and Amazonian Cultural Artifacts

By: Michelle Wibbelsman, Associate Professor Latin American Indigenous Cultures, Ohio State University. Curator of the exhibition.

March 26 

Reflections on Migration in Response to Opportunities and Shocks in Mexico

By: Esteban Quiñones. Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Predoctoral Trainee at the Center for Demography and Ecology.

April 2

“The Novels of Lucrecia Zappi: A Reading and Conversation”

By: Lucrecia Zappi, Brazilian author and Journalist

April 9 

Understanding Translations of Queerness: Diving Deeper into Queer Transculturation & Alternative Uses of Queer Terminology in Latin America.

Aesthetics of Broken Bodies: Traces of XXth Century Latin American Visuality & Haptics on Estela dos Santos’ Literary Project.

By: Emi Frerichs and Ruth Llana Fernandez, Ph.D. Candidates Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UW-Madison

April 16

“Bossa Nova Longplay: Getz/Gilberto and Bossa Nova Rio de Janeiro”.

By: Bryan McCann. Professor Latin American History and Chair of the History Department at Georgetown University.

April 23 

Media Laboratories: Late Modernist Authorship in South America

By: Sarah Wells.  Associate Professor Department of Comparative Literature UW-Madison

Abril 30

Portrait of a Port: Industry and Ideology in El Salvador (1805-1900)

By: Lauren Bridges. Ph.D. specialist in the archaeology of Spanish colonialism in the Americas