University of Wisconsin–Madison

Lectures & Other Events

September 11  

México Elections, International Observers and the case of Atlixco, Puebla

Presented by: Bárbara Alvarado, David Ernesto Alvarado and Diana García.

 September 18 

NABUCO AWARD WINNERS: “Fire, Farms and Water: A Synthesis of Environmental Progress in Brazil” and “Seeing Amazônia Slowly: Its Connection with Beyond Fordlândia”

Presented by: Ella Norris and Marcos Antonio Colón

September 25

“Antonio Skármeta y la novela del postboom: Apuntes a El cartero de Neruda”

Presented by: Cesar Ferreira, Professor-Latin American Literature, UW-Milwaukee.

October 2

“U.S. Political Parties, Polarization, and Immigration”

Presented by: Barry Burden, Professor, Department of Political Science, Director Elections Research Center-UW Madison.

October 9 

“Empire Logistics and the Making of the World System”

Presented by: Daniel Nemser, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Michigan

October 16 

“Abril-Tirado y el Desarrollo de la Guitarra Clásica en Latinoamérica”

Presented by: Javier Calderón, Professor of Guitar, School of Music, UW-Madison

October 18

Panel: The Challenges of Making Peace in Colombia

Presented by: Alexandra Huneeus, Law School UW-Madison; Roddy Brett, University of St. Andrews; Pablo Rueda, Tinker Visiting Professor, UW-Madison.

October 23

“Over the Wall: Getting a Perspective on U.S. Politics From Mexico”

Presented by: Ruth Conniff, The

October 30

“Killing Two Condors with One Stone: the War on Drugs, Counterinsurgency, and the State of Siege in Northwestern Mexico”.

Presented by: Adela Cedillo, PhD Candidate in History, UW-Madison

November 6

“Nicaragua’s Crisis 2018”

Presented by: Alex Fernández, Mayor of Waspam, Nicaragua.

November 13

“In Thy Tent I Dwell” 

Presented by: Jonatas Chimen,  Distinguished Alumni Artist-in-Residence, UW-Madison

November 27

“Peace, Freedom, and the Politics of Culture in Early Cold War Latin America.”

Presented by: Patrick Iber, Assistant Professor of History, UW-Madison

December 4

“Inequalities and digital media in the mobile era: The case of Chile” 

Presented by: Teresa Correa,  Tinker Visiting Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.