University of Wisconsin–Madison

Lectures & Other Events

February 20

Every Day We Live Is the Future. Stories of Nicaraguan Migrant Families

Presented by: Douglas Haynes.  Associate Professor, Department of English at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

February 27

The Politics of Blackness. Racial Identity and Political Behavior in Contemporary Brazil.

Presented by: Gladys Mitchell-Walthour. Assistant Professor of Public Policy & Political Economy. Department of Africology, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

 March 6  

Machado de Assis in a Transamerican Perspective

Presented by: Hélio Guimarães. Tinker Visiting Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UW-Madison and University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

 March 13 

Thinking with Piezas: Slave Trading and the Imagination of the Quantifiable Body in the Early Modern Atlantic

Presented by: Pablo Gomez, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical History, UW-Madison

March 20

Rezonans: A Sonic Approach to Caribbean History

Presented by: Jerome Camal, Assistant Professor Department of Anthropology, UW.

April 3 

Clarice Lispector and other Brazilian women writers

Presented by: Claire Williams (Visitor from Oxford to the Department of Spanish and Portugues)

April 10 

 The Eye of the Beholder: Julia Pastrana’s Long Journey Home

Presented by: Laura Anderson Barbata

April 17

Isolated tribes and recent contact Indians in the Amazon: How many are they and how to take care of their health?

Presented by: Erik Jennings & Marcos Colón.

 April 24  

Women in Contemporary Latin American Novel. Psychoanalysis and Gendered Violence

Presented by: Beatriz Botero, Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies, UW.

May 1st 

 At the Mountains Altar. Anthropology of Religion in an Andean Community.

Presented by: Frank Salomon, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, UW