Patrick Iber

Articles and Chapters:

  1. “The Cold War, 1945-1989,” in Jonathan Beck Monroe (ed.), Roberto Bolaño in Context, Cambridge University Press (with expected publication in 2021).
  2. “From Peace to National Liberation: Mexico and the Tricontinental,” forthcoming in Inventing the Third World: In Search of Freedom in the Global South, edited by Gyan Prakash and Jeremy Adelman, to be published by Bloomsbury in 2021
  3. “Biden e a esquerda norte-americana: boas sorpresas e muitas indefinições,” Revista Rosa3, no. 3 (June 2021):
  4. “The Immovable AMLO,” with Carlos Bravo Regidor and Humberto Beck, Dissent(Spring 2021): 92-101,; in Spanish translation at
  5. “Estados Unidos: ¿esto no es ‘lo que somos’?” Nueva Sociedad, January 9, 2021,
  6. “Decades of Fear,” review of Spencer Ackerman, Reign of Terror: How the 9/11 Era Destabilized America and Produced Trump, (New York: Viking, 2021), for The New Republic(September 2021): 47-50, and
  7. Review of Hideaki Kami, Diplomacy meets Migration: US Relations with Cuba during the Cold War, (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2018), Cuban Studies50 (2021): 310-312.
  8. Iber, P. (Forthcoming). Building the Cold War together: The origins of the American Federation of labor’s Cold War diplomacy in Latin America. Journal of Cold War Studies. This article examines the development of the American Federation of Labor’s policy towards Latin America at the beginning of the Cold War, including its collaboration with the U.S. government to promote anti-Communist union federations.
  9. Iber, P. (2017). Social science, cultural imperialism, and the Ford Foundation in Latin America in the 1960s. In J. Pieper-Mooney & T. Champlin (Eds.), The Global Sixties: Convention, Contest, and Counterculture (pp. 96-114). Abingdon (UK): Routledge.
    • This article examines the development of the American Federation of Labor’s policy towards Latin America at the beginning of the Cold War, including its collaboration with the U.S. government to promote anti-Communist union federations.

Opinion and Analysis:

  1. Iber, P. (2019, Jan. 31). The U.S. needs to stay out of Venezuela. New York Times. Available at: 
    • This piece was an argument that while the character of the Maduro government was indeed repressive and undemocratic, the history of U.S. meddling in the region meant that U.S. participation in trying to remove Maduro would not be productive.
  2. Iber, P. (Winter 2019). After the pink tide. Dissent, 18-22.
  3. Iber, P. (2018, Nov.) El populismo de minorías de Donald Trump. Nueva Sociedad. Available at: 
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  5. Iber, P. (2018, Jul.). El socialismo democrático en Estados Unidos: Sobre la victoria de Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Nueva Sociedad. Available at:
  6. Iber, P. & Regidor, C. B. (2018, Jul. 5). Mexico’s bid for change. Dissent. Available at:
  7. Iber, P. & Regidor, C. B. (Spring 2018). A new hope for Mexico?. Dissent, 94-105  and available at: 
    • This piece was an analysis of the campaign of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico, arguing that while some worries about him were overblown, it would be difficult for him to enact the reforms Mexico needs.

Essay and Book Reviews:

  1. Iber, P. (Forthcoming). Review of the book Diplomacy meets migration: US relations with Cuba during the Cold War, by H. Kami. Cuban Studies.
  2. Iber, P. (Forthcoming). Review of the book Journalism, satire, and censorship in Mexico, by P. Gillingham, M. Lettiere, & B. T. Smith (eds.). Hispanic American Historical Review.
  3. Iber, P. (2019, Aug. 14). Pioneers of cultural relativism (Review of the book Gods of the upper air: How a aircle of renegade anthropologists reinvented race, sex, and gender in the twentieth century, by C. King). The New Republic. Available at:
  4. Iber, P. (2019, Jul). Review of the book “Muchos Méxicos:” Imaginarios históricos sobre México en Estados Unidos, by P. L. San Miguel. Historia Mexicana, 69(1), 428-433.
  5. Iber, P. (Summer 2019). Socialism’s comeback (Review of the book The Socialist Manifesto, by B. Sunkara. Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, 53, 110-116 and
  6. Iber, P. (2019, Apr. 29). The Metamorphosis (Review of the book Sabers and utopias: Visions of Latin America, by M. V. Llosa). The Nation, 308(12), . 27-31 and
    • This piece is an assessment of the work and politics of Mario Vargas Llosa, including the development of his political ideas and certain shortcomings of Latin American liberalism that he exemplifies.
  7. Iber, P. (2019, Mar. 25). How the Cold War defined scientific freedom (Review of the book Freedom’s laboratory: The Cold War struggle for the soul of science, by A. Wolfe). The New Republic and
  8. Iber, P. (2019, Mar.). Off the map (Review of the book How to hide an empire, by D. Immerwahr). The New Republic, 42-47 and
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