Rajiv Rao

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  2. Sessarego, S., Butera, B., & Rao, R. (2019). Aspectos de la entonación afroperuana. Cuadernos de la ALFAL, 11(1), 199-215.
    • An analysis of Afro-Peruvian intonation and comparisons with our previous analyses (e.g., Afro-Bolivian).
    • My colleague at UT-Austin, Sandro Sessarego, and I have tried to involve graduate students in this large scale project on Afro-Hispanic intonation (phonological analyses and implications for origins of these contact-induced varieties).
  3. Rao, R., & Sessarego, S. (2018). The intonation of Chota Valley Spanish: Contact-induced phenomena at the discourse-phonology interface. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 11(1), 163-192.
    • An analysis of Afro-Ecuadorian intonation and addressing debates regarding Afro-Hispanic varieties’ origins.
  4. Knaff, C., Rao, R., & Sessarego, S. (2018). Future directions in the field: A look at Afro-Hispanic prosody. Lingua, ​202, 76-86.
    • An analysis of Afro-Colombian intonation and implications through comparisons with other Afro-varieties.