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Cartoneras refers to publishing houses that have grown out of this recycling or salvage economy. The production of Cartoneras started in Argentina in 2003 in the wake of the financial crisis that gripped the nation. Now, cartonera publishers can be found throughout Latin America, Africa and Europe. With a growing collection of more than 1,950 volumes representing over 75 different cartonera publishers, UW-Madison’s Ibero-American collection holds the largest and most comprehensive cartonera collections in the U.S.

Cartoneras are a great launching pad for lots of projects and learning opportunities for students. Take a look at the material included on this page for links and lesson ideas.

Afro-Latin America

Afro-Latin American refers to African roots within Latin America. This concept can refer to people, music, culture, cuisine, religion, arts and social class. With an estimated total population of 550 million, nearly 100 million Latin Americans are of African descent. This page includes a rich collection of links, resources and lesson ideas for exploring Afro-Latin culture, history, art and geography.