Sarah Wells

Currently holds a Residential Fellowship at UW’s Institute for Research in the Humanities.

Project (book): The Labor of Images: Work and its Discontents in Brazilian Cinema, 1970 to the Present.


  1. Wells, Sarah “Timing the Cinema-Labor Cycle: Brazil’s ‘Deferred ’68.’” South Atlantic Quarterly 119.3 (July 2020). 493-509
  2. Wells, Sarah “The Panorama and the Pilgrimage: Brazilian Modernism, the Masses, and the Soviet Union in the 1930s.” In Comintern Aesthetics, eds. Steven Lee and Amelia Glaser, University of Toronto Press, 2020. 170-198.
    • The article explores the travels to the Soviet Union by two Brazilian modernist women, the writer Patrícia Galvão and the painter Tarsila do Amaral during the 1930s, along with the journals, paintings, and memoirs surrounding these pilgrimages, as cartographies of an alternative cosmopolitanism.
  3. Wells, Sarah. “Sex Work in the Cinema: Lessons from the ‘70s.” A Contracorriente: a Journal of Latin American Studies 16, no. 3 (Spring 2019): 221-47. 
    • This article examines the recent turn towards sex work in contemporary Latin American cinema as an indirect legacy of the controversial, São-Paulo based film industry/genre from the 1970s known as the Boca do Lixo, asking about how sex work in the cinema helps us understand transformations taking place in labor more broadly.