Laura Anderson Barbata

Position title: Transdisciplinary Artist


Current work: I am a transdisciplinary artist currently based in New York and Mexico City. Since 1992 I have initiated long-term projects and collaborations in the Venezuelan Amazon, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Norway, and the United States that address social justice and the environment. This work often combines performance, procession, dance, music, spoken word, textile arts, costuming, papermaking, zines and protest with various collaborators from fields such as dance, music, history, textile artist, craft and traditions from Latin America and the Caribbean. These collaborations unfold in public space as well as in cultural institutions such as Museums and Universities. Because of my research as a LACIS Honorary Fellow I have had the opportunity to develop works with faculty and students from UW, such as Professor Chris Walker from the Dance Department and Professor Carolyn Kallenborn from the Design Studies Department and collaborated with various UW departments during my Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence. The experience and relationships built during the residency have been extremely valuable and continue to grow. We have presented our work in various public spaces, among them Madison, Brooklyn, Jamaica and Mexico as well as in Museums. Because of my LACIS affiliation I been able to create collaborations with the Dance Department of UW and UNAM in Mexico City that are ongoing (Covid permitting). As a LACIS Honorary Fellow I have also had the opportunity to promote the work of LACIS during conferences and Museum lectures such as CAA College Art Association, ASAP the Association of the Arts of the Present, Newcomb Museum at Tulane University and MoMA New York among others.