Olga Lucia Chaparro Africano

Email: olcha463@hotmail.com

Current Work: [My current] research is intended to study dilemmas of public policy on food, and how it generates problems of insecurity and food vulnerability. The case of Rapid changes related to urbanization, food production and consumption in the department of Amazonas, in a borderline context of three nation states (Brazil, Colombia and Peru) is interesting. The ethnic composition of the population is an important fact. This research is carry out through semi-structured interviews, under the methodological approach proposed by Knoepfel, Larrue and Varone (2006) … actors, resources and institutional rules. Establishing antecedents, causes, manifestations and consequences alimentary problems, this research try to explain the paradox that result from a region with abundant natural resources and a local indigenous that own 87% of the land but are the ones most affected by insecurity and food vulnerability. Migration and public policies related to conditioned subsidies does not seem to solve but to increase problems. This situation is reflected in public health problems, appearing problems of malnutrition, obesity, and other diseases such as diabetes, that were not common sometime before.

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