Kristine M. Harrison

Credentials: Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, UW-Madison

Position title: LACIS Honorary Fellow / Adjunct Instructor UW-Whitewater, Curriculum & Instruction, World Languages Education



About Dr. Harrison:

I am an international educator in the field of language teaching and learning, including its intergenerational transmission, which requires languages to have value, status, teaching materials, and relevant pedagogy. I have also focused on how this relates to identity formation in schools, particularly for indigenous students.

Current Work: Currently I am finishing up an edited volume called Knowledge and action: Designing the future through the social professions (Deep University Press) with a co-editor from the University of Granada (Spain). My next two projects are based in Puerto Rico and deal with the experiences of the Cuban general and patriot Quintin Banderas’ grandson (with the same name); and an article or book that explores an aspect of the Palestinians in Puerto Rico who have lived there since the Israeli occupation of 1947. Lastly, I am part of the start-up team for Deep Institute with goals to re-integrate deep values and life wisdom, along with ethical, transformative work for all of humanity into the process of education.