Steven Hutchinson

Hutchinson, S. (2020). Frontier narratives: Liminal lives in the early modern Mediterranean. Manchester, England: Manchester University Press.

In this monograph, I delve into themes including (comparative) slavery, religious conversion, martyrdom, and migration in frontier zones of the early modern Mediterranean world, as recounted in texts of that era written in numerous languages.



Hutchinson, S. (2019). El Septentrión marítimo del Persiles y sus posibilidades artísticas. In R. L. Davenport & I. Lozano-Renieblas (eds.), Cervantes en el Septentrión (pp. 135-147). Pamplona: IDEA.

This article explores how Cervantes, in his last novel Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda, makes use of the new cartographies and geographies of the seas in the far north, and at the same time exploits the voids of knowledge to invent many insular worlds.