Victor Goldgel-Carballo

Currently in residence at the National Humanities Center (2019-2020) with an American Council of Learned Societies Frederick Burkhardt fellowship.


  1. Goldgel-Carballo, V. (Forthcoming March 2020). Pirate book aesthetics in contemporary Argentina. In V. Goldgel-Carballo & J. Poblete (eds.), Piracy and Intellectual Property in Latin America: Rethinking Creativity and the Common Good. New York: Routledge.
    • The book is the first sustained effort to present an alternative framework for understanding piracy and contemporary challenges to global discourses on intellectual property in the Americas.
  2. Goldgel-Carballo, V. (2019). Plagio y anacronismo deliberado en la novela cubana antiesclavista. Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, LIII(2). 
    • The article analyzes the crime known in 19th-century Cuba as “plagio” (kidnapping and enslaving a free person, or stealing someone else’s slave), focusing on the long chain of displacements, denials, and deferrals that allowed to treat some lives as disposable.
  3. Goldgel-Carballo, V. (2018). Spectral realism: Cecilia Valdés as Gothic Novel. Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, 27(3).
    • The article examines the neglected spectral dimension of realism in Cirilo Villaverde’s canonical novel Cecilia Valdés (1882), and defines “spectral realism” as a mode of representing socially-produced absences.