“Stopping the Next One” with LACIS alum, Jacob Kushner

by Sarah K. Ripp, LACIS Assistant Director

Jacob Kushner, freelance journalist

LACIS and Journalism alum, Jacob Kushner, has been working with U.K. journalist, Harriet Constable, on a series of articles and videos featuring potential sources of future global pandemics.  This special series, “Stopping the Next One” is available through the BBC.

This multimedia series covers emerging pandemics such as yellow fever in Brazil, Mers in Kenya, and Nipah in various Asian countries, and the environmental issues (some of which are tied to climate change), as well as methods of food cultivation and farming techniques which are tied in part to these potential outbreaks.

We are working on planning a visit by Jacob in December 2021 where we hope he can share more about his research on these sobering and important topics.

Read the full article at: https://www.bbc.com/future/columns/stopping-the-next-one