Welcome from LACIS’ New Faculty Director, Dr. Gay Seidman

Professor Gay Seidman

As the semester begins, I want to underscore how grateful we are to Kata Beilin, who has made great efforts to strengthen and energize LACIS during her time as director. I feel very lucky to follow her as interim director as she heads off to take up her Fulbright fellowship. I look forward to working on the LACIS Review, and the new programmatic directions laid out in the Title 6 proposal — both of which we owe largely to Kata’s initiative and energy.I am also delighted to be able to welcome Glauco Arbix, who is here this semester as a Tinker visiting fellow, and his partner, Helena Kerr do Amaral. Many of us remember Glauco from his stint as a Tinker more than a decade ago, and I am sure I am not the only person looking forward to his presentation later this semester! I know our students will benefit enormously from his presence here.