LACIS Lunchtime Lecture Series: Fall 2021

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00 p.m.

We will be offering lectures both live (206 Ingraham Hall + livestreamed via Facebook) and virtual (via Zoom) this fall. We plan to upload the recordings for all of the lectures to our YouTube channel. 

Please note that we are requiring pre-registration and limiting attendance to 20 attendees for the live lectures.

Please see the details for each event to determine how it will be given (and to pre-register). 

*We will be featuring several lectures as part of a special series entitled, “Countryside: Rural Latin America”

Victor Boluarte Medina
Victor Boluarte Medina

September 21: “Situacion Actual y Gestion del Desarrollo en Cusco-Peru” (Presented in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation)

Presented by Dr. Victor Boluarte Medina, Mayor of Cusco, Peru 


Adriana Otero Puerto

Part of a special series entitled, “Countryside: Rural Latin America”

September 28: Qué les pasó a las Abejas? | What happened to the Bees? in Campeche, Mexico 

Part of a special series entitled, “Countryside: Rural Latin America”

Presented by Adriana Otero, Director of the film distribution company ABEJAS CINE

Jose Iriarte
Ella Al-Shamahi

October 5: “An Ice Age Art Gallery in Amazonia? – VIRTUAL

Presented by Jose Iriarte, Professor of Archaeology, Exeter University, and leading expert on the Amazon and pre-Columbian History | Ella Al-Shamahi, paleoanthropologist, National Geographic Explorer, evolutionary biologist, and stand-up comic. Moderated by Tinker Visiting Professor of History, German Palacio, lawyer at la Universidad del Rosario, Colombia.

Thank you to the Department of Anthropology for their co-sponsorship of this event!

Jesús Alvarado

October 12: “The Conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, 1521-2021: Domination and Oppression vs Resistance and Liberation” – IN PERSON, 206 INGRAHAM HALL

Presented by LACIS Honorary Fellow, Jesús (Chucho) Alvarado

Antonio Azuela

Part of a special series entitled, “Countryside: Rural Latin America”

October 19:  “The Urbanization of the Rural World. Water, Homes, and Territorial Transformations in the Tropics” – IN PERSON, 206 INGRAHAM HALL

Presented by Antonio Azuela de la Cueva, Researcher of Urban and Regional Studies, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.


Alejandro Meitin

Part of a special series entitled, “Countryside: Rural Latin America” 

October 26: ESCAPE TO DESPECIALIZATION: The shapes that art takes on the edges” – VIRTUAL

Presented by Alejandro Meitin


Douglas Dulli, MD

November 2: “Short Term Medical Missions to Central America” – VIRTUAL

Presented by Douglas Dulli, M.D., M.S. , UW-Madison, MD, MS.

Frank Salomon
Frank Salomon

November 16: “The Sacrificial deaths of Peccary and Puma: A Pan-Andean Ethnographic Theme?” – IN PERSON, 206 INGRAHAM HALL

Presented by Frank Salomon, John V. Murra Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at the University of Iowa

Karen Garcia Escorcia

November 30: “Ficciones endeudadas latinoamericanas: el poder mimético y ficcional de la deuda / Indebted Latin American Fictions: The Power of Debt” (presented in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation to English provided) – VIRTUAL

Presented by Karen Garcia Escorcia, PhD, UW-Madison

Jacob Kushner, Freelance Journalist
Karen B. Strier

December 7: “Stopping the Next One: Chronicling the race to prevent the next pandemic” – LIVE IN 206 INGRAHAM

Presented by Jacob Kushner, international freelance journalist and UW-Madison LACIS/Journalism alum, and Dr. Karen B. Strier, Vilas Research Professor and Irven Devore Professor of Anthropology, and LACIS faculty affiliate, UW-Madison